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    Highly Disappointing Experience With Wicked

    I ordered my laser on june 12th. August 23rd I placed a cancel order and got a reply my money would take a few days to be fully refunded. I still haven't received my refund.
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    Highly Disappointing Experience With Wicked

    I too have a problem with wicked laser my order was placed on June 12th never got any emails on g1/g2 only email I got was to pay extra for shipping and still no laser that was in early july when my laser was shipping on the 15th still waiting for a laser or response for refund or cancel order.
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    RYOBI 445nm Schweet 4volt 6Wh battery!!

    Great job I saw the host this morning at home depot. Thinking about making one now.
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    Aurora SH-032 kit

    Just sent money to your pp account as a gift can't wait. Let me know if you have any questions on what I want.
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    My WL experience

    I asked for a refund on my artic 4 times in the last two weeks and all I get is the g1/g2 response. My subject title of my email has been refund each time. I ordered mine on June 12th. They don't read emails anymore.
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    GB 445nm diodes For Sale $45

    Yes should i send it to your gmail account the same as last time. One other thing about how long is the wait going to be not that it was long the last time.
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    GB 445nm diodes For Sale $45

    Can i still get in on an a140 tommy
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    GGW's tested or random sleds good prices!

    Hi glenn thanks a lot for the 445 I got it yesterday tom in ny.
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    100% uv sunglass blocks 405nm

    I recently bought a cheap pair of sunglasses that stated they block 100% uv rays. While playing with one of my blurays i first thought the diode blew but when i took them off i was surprised how well they worked. Anyone else notice this or try it.
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    Merged 445nm Pictures and Video Thread

    Re: 445nm pictures It's a really nice blue isn't. I'm having a really hard time waiting for one diodes and laser spyder III 445
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    Merged 445nm Pictures and Video Thread

    Re: 445nm pictures Can you put a blu ray up to compare. Also what due you figure the mw are at. I would like to run mine at a lower ma and have it as a handheld.
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    Building Laser Pointers Using the 445nm Laser Diodes

    I just want everyone to be truly careful. Temptation is a dangerous thing and these diodes are truly dangerous in a handheld. I thing everyone with kids or little brothers need to take extra caution. You hear of kids teens shooting each other everyday on accident with guns. Think for a...
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    GB 445nm diodes For Sale $45

    put me down for one please
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    ►CLOSED AMK GB◄ ~ SF-AW210 Diodes $10 Each

    Re: ►AMK GB◄ ~ SF-AW210 Diodes $10 Each put me down for two please
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    Round One 445nm diode group buy.

    I want one please pm with details to pay.