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Lazerer Rifle 1.2W 445nm (1.35A) - Peak 1392mW, stable1350mW (running on AW IMR 18350s - much better fit ;) )
'Mohrenberg' JAD driver in pill @1.62A + DTR' M140 445nm in Survival Stainless Steel Host - Peak 1513mW (3 element glass lens)

O-LikeCrown Upgrade 500mW - Peak 599mW, stable .'ish 550mW
MegalasersUK 125mW - Peak 102mW
Jayrob Solar Force L2P custom kit @ 478mA + DTR S06J 12X 405nm - Peak 729mW
Survival Stainless Steel Host + DTR S06J 12X 405nm - Peak 725mW

Also in the house (son's) - Moh JAD C6@ 460mA and DTR S06J 12X 405nm - 677mW peak + O-like PowerRock 200 532nm - 208mW peak.

*** LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB L.P.M ***