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    Badboybilly Does It Again

    Hi all, I just wanted to take a moment and post some pictures of the professionally constructed new blue laser I received from Badboybilly. I've owned several powerful lasers before including a green 1W which he had made for me previously but as with any addiction, you just have to keep upping...
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    Question on safety glasses

    Hi all, just have a quick question as to whether my existing glasses are adequate. I commissioned a custom 7W blue laser which should be arriving shortly. I currently have the Eagle OD4 glasses, are they up to the job or do I need to buy some with a higher rating? Thanks!
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    Hello from Northern California

    That's me. I always figured the world could use a tool that can do everything but is not particularly good at anything. :)
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    Did I possibly damage my laser?

    Sorry, no etiquette breach was intended. I've added a quick introduction. The beam stop is metal and I can't see any physical damage to any of the parts. Just wondering if there might have been harm done to the lense etc. which can't be readily seen. Thanks to everyone for the help.
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    Hello from Northern California

    Hello all, seems I jumped the gun by going straight to conversations without first making a proper introduction. My name's Cory and I live in Isleton CA, I can't blame anyone who's never heard of it since I've literally met people who reside 20 miles away who don't know where it is. I've...
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    Did I possibly damage my laser?

    I have a Dragon Lasers Spartan 1W blue which I bought several years ago and rarely use because I have since upgraded to better ones. The other day I went to use it and absentmindedly forgot about the little safety plug that screws into the hole where the beam is emitted. I clicked the activation...
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    1W Laser for Self Defense in an Active Shooter Situation

    Agreed but my question wasn't out of concern for a realistic contingency, more out of curiosity as to how dangerous these things really are. So to phrase it differently, what would the immediate and long term effects be if someone were to deliberately hit someone in the eyes at close range with...
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    1W Laser for Self Defense in an Active Shooter Situation

    I've been reading through the pages of this thread and the effects and drawbacks of trying to employ a handheld laser as a defensive weapon at a distance, as during an active shooter situation, have pretty much been covered. I'm wondering though, how effective would one be in a much more up...