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    first ever white laser developed

    Thank for sending him an E-mail, hope he can join us. By the way, where is the Doctor from? I have read somewhere that we can use laser for the fusion in the near future, but I wonder when we can master this technology.
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    Finally, I can get back to LPF

    Finally can come back, I am from Hong Kong, and recently moved to China for work... the internet censorship is more than I think... They censor most of the news and things... and yes, China blocked this forum also... oh well, anyway I am very happy that I got back in... :D:D I see now we have...
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    Lamb Of God.

    I know the song, but haven't heard of them. but what does Trek means in here ? ? sounds of the trek? album and have been filming a documentary capturing the sights and sounds of the trek.
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    Why do chicks scream so much?

    can't believe how such topic can get us into such deep topic, but I guess everything have small beginning... By the way, anyone watched Prometheus ? The movie is quite nice, with alot of screaming too.
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    Why do chicks scream so much?

    Thank you very much for the explanations, I guess that is why woman have higher pitch voices... to get attentions !
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    Real UV flashlight

    I am wondering, both pictures are with the light on?
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    Diablo III

    that is interesting... maybe i should get it too! I have Diablo 1, Diablo 1 Hell Fire, Diablo 2, and it's Expansion set... Didn't get D3 because of time, and my friend keep telling me the graphic is not impressive because it's perspective is also locked like D2, anyway, I will check on it...
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    UV, Violet, or IR which is best for burning?

    um... I should read more about CO2 lasers... About burning, I think... supposedly the more absorbed the energy, the better it's for burning ... because the more it's absorbed, the more energy will be transferred. So supposedly UV has more energy, but it's not absorbed as well as IR, I think IR...
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    Saudi Bus Drifting...wtf, is that a laser?

    I think the driver thought someone will shot him, so he drift.
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    Oh crap, a really mean Canadian

    Spiders are insects... On second thoughts... I think the nature automatically balances itself, there are nice people, there will be bad people. Otherwise, there won't be such thing as nice people. I have seen apes and othe animals kill each others on animals, that I did. Especially before...
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    Oh crap, a really mean Canadian

    Using iPhone... Not easy to click on the edit button... I got new thoughts... It could verb well be all those vampire movies that flow around now... That gonna have some affect on teenagers... I am not worry when it's out... But I began to feel worry when those film is gaining popularity.... A...
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    Oh crap, a really mean Canadian

    Um... It have something to do what he likes, and our moral and social norms. I think that have a lot to do with childhood. How he was teacher. It's soft of like how some people like very skinny chicks, and some like chicks that are over 300pounds. And clearly, that dude went over the scale. But...
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    Why can laser pointers be so much cheaper than the diode alone?

    I know it's not legal to import lasers in Australia... but are you sure it's legal to sell it online? better check with local law to make sure that it's ok to do so? I know from experiences that you can't say "I didn't know of such law" to avoid getting charged... so better check.
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    The MagicSticks Custom Hosts - PICS & INFO

    Re: The MagicStick V 2- [NEW PICS ADDED] - a 2012 custom host very nice host.... it's stainless steel, correct? I had an Aluminum Host , but those quite soft as I later found out.
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    Why does the beam end in the sky?

    Oh, and we can use different lens to test it out too... we can even try to zoom into the far side of the beam. I just read Light Bulbs are Actually “Dark Suckers" um... is that what really happened? So lasers suck a straight line of dark?? I searched, there seems to be alot of information...