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    DL Laser Beam Expander New Generation

    Hello, Did anybody check DL Laser Beam Expander New Generation (link below), and can report? http://www.dragonlasers.com/Laser-Beam-Expander-New.html Is there any review about this product? :thanks:
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    Shipping lasers back to manufacturers. Anyone done this before?

    Unfortunately, I got LOTS of experience with shipping back lasers and LPMs to companies. I think I sent back items maybe ten times. I can give you these advices, which apply to Chinese companies, Hong kong companies, US companies and Canadian companies: 1. Accept the company explicit...
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    Updated! Firefly 589nm DL Review!

    Can it burn stuff?
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    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    Thanks Jim, But I tried that and even tough I installed the driver properly (no yellow question mark on device manager), I couldn't get my Laserbee to work (it says 'No Signal'). :thanks:
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    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    Win 8.1 (64bit). :thanks:
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    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    Peregrine is not working for me. Selected measurement-new-start, it says 'Waiting for input', I shine my laser to the sensor- and no reading. USB driver installed and com port is set properly. What am I missing? One more thing, it is running on debug mode and another small window titled...
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    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    ChaosLord, thank you it worked. But why is it running on debug mode? And why another small window titled 'Serial Console' is opened? Seoul_lasers, can you elaborate on that? Is there a way to install and run Jerry's Eagle Eye on Win 8 (64 bit)? :thanks:
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    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    Thanks guys. How do I install? I downloaded 'Peregrine_1_5_0_4.zip' and unzipped it. Then, I went to the 'Windows' folder, hit the 'Peregrine.exe' and got an error message saying 'Windows is unable to locate javaw.exe'. Please advise.
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    LaserBee 2.5 USB on Win 8

    Did anyone manage to intsall and use the LaserBee 2.5 USB interface software and USB drivers on windows 8.1 OS (64 bit or 32bit)? Jerry says that the interface software and USB drivers will not be compatible with windows 8.1 OS, and that my LaserBee 2.5W USB will need a new hardware and new...
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    Anyone had bought from YourLaser.com

    Hello, Yes, it's a subsidiary of Dealextreme. I bought from them. Lasers quality is low to medium. Laser, especiaily green ones can be way underspec. Shipping and handling is OK. Bottom line: I wouldn't recommend buying from them.
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    My Buying Experience With Bata

    :wtf: This is so stupid and dangerous. Don't you ever do it again! :tsk:
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    o-like 2W 450nm, trash or treasure?

    Read the small letters in the laser spec and note that the output power is > 1.6W. So it will not output 2W. Labeling it as a 2W laser is just a mislead. Other than that, I have no experience with that spesific laser, but my experience with other lasers that I bought from O-like brought me the...
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    How to kill a diode fast

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    How to kill a diode fast

    Luckily only the diode died and not your eye.:can: No. 1 safety rule is not to point a laser at a mirror.:tsk:
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    OK. And what do you guys think of that laser? It has been reviewed here. :thanks: