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    Space Discussion Thread

    Lol ok. You can't claim something if you're not on it
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    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    I did think that diode didn't heat up too much. Glad to hear it works as intended! And I'm sure you did actively plan the heat dissipation with the print. Very well done 😄
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    Any violet or blue Laser Pointers under $30

    Yes, glad you are learning as well. It is a ridiculously fun hobby and learning things you would have never imagined is just one of the perks. One of the best places you can buy batteries in my opinion in liionwholesale.com They test every single battery before they ship it to you and they are...
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    493nm: My first build - 3D printed host

    Awesome build Curtis! I love 3D printing but I never even thought a host could be made from that. Definitely unique. Hope the heat is minimal as that plastic is quite a heat bank.
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    hi guys!

    Just a tip, you can hit Edit on a post to combine all of your posts into one :)
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    My first 1+W Green!

    Congrats man. A worthwhile addition to the collection I'm sure. Also, the anti-static bag Hyperion lol :LOL:
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    hi guys!

    Welcome and good luck with your endeavor
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    Looking at beams?

    You can look at any beam of any visible beam laser without eye damage. Even 10 Watts, 20 Watts, and more. :) Just as others have said, make sure there is ZERO chance of the beam hitting anything reflective
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    Laser warm up

    532nm 303's are a wonderful starting laser. I would really suggest contacting the seller and telling them it is defective. I had a problem with my first 303 types and they sent me two more for free lol :)
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    What the heck Red? :oops: Perhaps it is the heated nature of this thread, but what sort of anger caused you to write something so mean? I wrote that as a response after looking at the Politics thread for the first time, not to anyone in particular. You would think I murdered your family or...
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    Where do you guys store your lasers?

    I have these types of storage towers on wheels, and I think it would be a really nice place to store lasers if you fill the drawers with closed cell foam and then cut to fit pointers. You could also maybe have one or two to keep your drivers, lenses, diodes and stuff.
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    Space Discussion Thread

    Someday I'll pack my bags and claim Mars when I get tired of this rock and probably humanity itself. 🤫
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    My new 350 TeraBytes Computer Location!

    Time to setup a mainframe :cool:
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    Need suggestions

    Just curious, anyone consider this for this type of thing? You must REALLY hate geese if you're willing to buy one lol :ROFLMAO:
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    Ebay Laser Watchdog Group

    Maybe I misread something, but correct me if I'm wrong. You have a box of Ophir heads you don't use? o_O