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    Huge laser sale 589,532,488 etc.

    Shoot me a total with your paypal for the 488
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    SOLD: 495nm laser module + 2 Custom builds

    Received the 495nm Module. amazing color. coudnt be happier. Excellent communication. Thanks again man.
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    Using a Vape/e-cig mod for power.

    What search terms are you guys using? Because i couldn't find anything other than a couple random post's off google. thank you for all the replies
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    Using a Vape/e-cig mod for power.

    I have a few vape mod's laying around, couple single battery "pen" style and a single and dual battery "mod" style that have variable voltage/watt's. They generally use 510 threaded cartridges/atomizers etc. If i were to go through the work of soldering and affixing a laser module (8-12mm) to...
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    LPM'd Lasers for Sale 405nm,532nm,650nm 25mW-185mW

    Received my 2 pointers quick and safely packed. Work great. Thanks again man.
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    LPM'd Lasers for Sale 405nm,532nm,650nm 25mW-185mW

    Hey man, when you get a chance PM me a total + your paypal for these 2. 65mW (10mW IR) S/N: PN5326510 $14.00 60mW (9mW IR) S/N: PN532609 $13.00
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    SOLD!!! $25 shipped!!! ~90mW 532nm Laser!!!!

    Re: PRICE DROP!: $25 shipped!!! ~90mW 532nm Laser!!!! Pm me your paypal i will pay asap. I have bought a couple things on here just havent been active in a while.
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    SOLD ONCE AGAIN: James Bond's >1.8W Laser Pistol $200

    Re: FS: James Bond's >1.8W Laser Pistol TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY! How about free.99? Sick.
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    Post your goat

    haha, got em.
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    Post your goat

    the got fetched soap? SOUP! YOU IDIOT, YOU RUIN EVERYTHING. The goat fetched soup? THIS IS UNNNNBELIEVABLE.
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    Post your FI vehicle.

    super nice. i love the obsidian black pearl. needs moar lower. dont mean to be a dick, but the whole point was for forced induction cars only. Make a N/a thread.
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    Post your FI vehicle.

    haha, when i saw it on top gear i was like :drool: phone camera, was having fun with a 160mw 405 i had just got. nice. is the g5 more refined than the cobalt? dont get a supercharger. you can make so much more power with turbo's with beast mid and top end.
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    Post your FI vehicle.

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    Post your youtube account

    YouTube - rockshox911's Channel
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    LOL funny 737 paint job . . .

    you can drive a plane, sail a car, fly a boat. :D