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    LUMIA- one thread for all-

    I haven't been here for quite some time and I come back to find this thread now...so after a couple of hours of reading and watching and clicking related links from YT...what are the latest updates for some of these projects ? I've purchased a couple sets of 3 "cheapy" laser pointers as low...
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    10 HeNe LOT

    Pictures or it didn't happen.
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    Marking thermal paper

    Interesting idea. First though I will comment on your problems. A heavier mass on the pendulum and placing the paper on a properly arced base would help solve your issues but that is another discussion I suppose. The ratios involved of resistance to the inertia of the weight need to be...
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    Seasons greetings

    As a stout and steadfast Christmastime "Bah ! Humbug" kind of guy who now is surprisingly excited as my 3 year old son has worked me up let me wish you all a very merry Christmas and may you receive at least as much as you gave. (That isn't restricted to only physical goods either.) I am...
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    My wife left me

    All of this advice is great stuff, for anyone feeling depressed. I will simply add a truism : You must have change to grow. Perhaps this is an opportunity in disguise. Maybe you can now focus on some of the things you haven't been able to do because of family obligations. when one door closes...
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    I've been through a few here in BC. Most of the time they don't seem out of the ordinary occurrences and I find out much later that it was another earthquake. Usually they come across as the low rumble of a large truck idling outside, or other construction related type of sounds/feelings...
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    UV mysterious

    Actually, the CSI TV show does employ some notable scientists from the fields they deal with in the programs. It is just that the scientific accuracy is usually "modified" for the viewing audience whether because it is too complicated or because divulging some details can lead to explotation of...
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    Reke 500 and Crowd Scanning

    Just because what you see looks like it is brighter or more powerful doesn't necessarily mean that the portion of the beams scanning the crowd ARE such. Besides software modifications and physical glass filters that can be used to reduce the power for portions of the projections you have to also...
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    UV mysterious

    Besides, the orange filters would be for protection from the UV light while allowing the "evidence" flouresceing to be seen. And from what I understand the reaction is short lived and can only be done once as a chemical process occurs that prevents it from being repeatable. They have to be...
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    Reke 500 and Crowd Scanning

    Unsuspecting people sitting in the foreground facing the laser without being near or part of the "dance floor" being repeatedly blasted in the face and eyes. It seems like a typical wedding reception type of occasion so the audience can have their reflexes slowed and dulled by alcohol thereby...
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    Design thought experiment...

    Why would you want to move a LD ? All the problems and associated costs of dealing with them. The easier approach would be to mount the LD and spin a small front sided mirror to modify directionality. A mirror could be manipulated in all 3 axis as well. :huh:
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    S-RGB1000A Projector

    Ouch ! Yeah, it is obvious that the green in the one isn't doing things right. And both the reds are NOT to spec either, you say. Hope it all works out fine for you. Even if you are "Evil". Yes you are.
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    Touching the sky

    So the real limiting factor isn't so much the beam as it is the ability to perceive the "spot" in the sky.(on the bottom layer of clouds.) Something not visible with the naked eye may be seen with binoculars. If not with binoculars then with a low power (and cheap) telescope. The dot is there...
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    Touching the sky

    The only answer that will be valid : Try it and see. To be more scientific : Try it over several different weeks and see. (Average the results and make a graph.) If I was a salesman : Sure it will work most of the time. But If it doesn't you can always get a better one and try again. Hope that...
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    Touching the sky

    Just to mess this all up... On the first weekend of July I went out into the backwoods for a bit of camping and I managed to see my (5mw) red, (5mw) green, and (5mw) purple all on the clouds. Of courde the cloud layer was only 50 - 75 feet above where I was camping in the mountains so maybe it...