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    Looking for 445nm laser but confused

    i too have been gone from this forum way too long and am just as surprised about 445nm portables as you are.. seems the home-brew builds are the best way to go about owning one... though even i myself have fallen a few times to unfinished projects... so i'm just about ready to contemplate...
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    Should We Merge the 445nm With the "Blue" Board

    after a very long hiatus.... here i'm back again.. (not sure how long i can stick round..) .. but in the meantime.. i'm gonna say this.... damn i've been completely out of the loop... there's a 445nm laser now?! i voted on the third option... but i don't mind it having its own subforum either...
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    Google Broke Down

    lol.. very interesting.
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    Who makes the strongest bluray laser pen style?

    i got a laser built from IgorT... he's done alot of research for the forum and has worked hard to bring to us reliable data on different diodes.. he'd be the man to ask. :)
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    8X Diode Murder fund

    IgorT, not sure if you got my email, but i did receive my laser the other week. Great thanks! it's a beautiful work of art.
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    Best Bluray Burner to Extract Diode?

    first, welcome to the forums! yes, different brands will certainly carry forward into the quality of the diodes. there are plenty of resources available at your fingertips and in this forum to help you decide what to get.
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    8X Diode Murder fund

    woo.. i'm coming back from the dead to say this is awesomely great news. did you ever get my email btw igort? well.. i'm ready to get my laser from ya whenever you're free :)
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    8X Diode Murder fund

    well i wonder if he ever got my email... it's been a few weeks now.. though i sent him an email before he got sick i guess.. oh well.. just popped in because i know i haven't been posting here that often... (just been occupied and stuff)... just waiting patiently and hope that IgorT gets well soon.
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    WTB Burning Laser For Lighting "Tabacco"

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    8X Diode Murder fund

    so... ETA on completion? or did i read over and miss something?
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    8X Diode Murder fund

    *poke*.. i'm still alive... somewhere.
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    12x Murder Fund! + Graph!

    Re: 12x Murder Fund! (Complete!) so i go off going busy with my personal life for a week or two.. come back.. and you guys already finished a 12x murder fund?? damn. you guys are awesome. lol.. hmm.. still need to check the thread for the 8x one and see how igor is doing.. :can:
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    Red lasers don't burn skin?

    yea.. but you figure.. with a high enough power for any wavelength.. you can pretty much burn anything.
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    KipKay Laser Zombi

    aww.. chimed in too late.. heheh.. a simple "wrong" would've done just fine
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    8x Drive Mini "GB"....

    that's a good man... :)