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    FusionDrives GB - CLOSED

    Re: GB - $4 FusionDrives - PAYMENT PAGE UP I just ordered/paid for 4 if you're counting. Thanks ;)
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    GB laser barrels

    I would guess black would be acceptable to most everyone. I'd be happy however they are anodized, but if you're going for "least likely to make the masses puke", black is pretty middle of the road.
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    GB laser barrels

    Hey Kenom and guys.. Sorry I've been MIA. I just moved 3 hours away and this is week 2 of a new job, so going in early and staying late right now. I haven't been reading the forums, so missed the GB info. Anyway, I see there's interest in 'excess' barrels, so Kenom - I've paid for only 1 of...
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    Greg -- np man. I am not sure what you had, but there are green lenses out there people try to sell as laser eyewear which are in fact UV/sun glasses and no more. That was part of the problem with the original attempted GB on CPF - it was too hard to tell what the seller actually had. The...
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    http://www.pinemountainfirearms.com/pmf/cheaplaserglasses.htm Some info on these as well as other sources for goggles.
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    SenKat -- poop for what frequency? Ya can't just poop on these in general, be specific man! For red they're no better than OD1.5, which is poop. If you can source some inexpensive IR goggles for us all, speak up. Xarylx, you're right.. .OD3 looks right at 808nm.
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    If as I suspect they follow the NoIR DI6 lens curve, they're good for both 808nm (OD4) and 1064nm (OD5). The military only tested at 694nm and 1064nm, specifying a min of OD4.
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    *** SECOND LPM GB *** Laser Power Meter $160

    Re: *** SECOND LPM GB *** I know it took me a few days to notice the GB post. It would be a nice feature if there was a forum banner or motd to highlight important things like a new GB.
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    Re: FS: IR Goggles  $15 Apparently I got too excited about my discovery after reading the failed CP forum GB for BLPS goggles (and inability to source the 2WL version other than outdated models.) My fault for overpaying and jumping the gun, but it looked like a good deal for IR goggles, and was...
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    Re: FS: IR / Red Goggles  $25 My suspicions are that the optical properties of the military SPECS goggles are the same as NoIR provides in their DI6 lenses. (No military sources present the OD curve for the Class 3 lenses.) Here's the chart. The coverage at 694nm drops off rapidly, leaving...
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    Re: FS: IR / Red Goggles  $25 Thanks for the input, xarylx. I remember finding some thread months ago about a guy using 80mW doing close-up burning and he decided they let in too much light for that. I would not recommend them for staring at a close diffuse reflection. Here's the GB from CP...
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    FS: IR Goggles  $15  (SPECS)

    Update: Cheaper source right now on ebay. I was fortunate to find several pairs of laser safety goggles through a military surplus outfit. I am keeping 2 pair and have a 3rd spoken for, so I'll offer the others to LPF members. These are not the bulky BLPS, SWDG or early generation safety...
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    got my CCNA

    That's awesome... congrats! I got my CCNA earlier this year as well, so I know how much you studied. Much more info to understand (not just regurgitate on an exam) than my MCSE. I wish you good fortune getting noticed by the right company.
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    500 trillion watt laser in 2009!!

    The only way they could get enough power is to have a huge (and I mean HUGE) bank of pulse capacitors (a whole office building full.) The capacitors are charged (requiring hours) and discharge their current in 20ns. That's 500 million million Watts... 5 followed by 14 zeros. I wonder what their...
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    70mw RED Module With Driver $17.24

    Re: 70mw RED Module With Diver $17.24 For more than 2x the cost, they have a 100mW module and PS. http://www.dealextreme.com/details.dx/sku.10008 They use a different power supply, diode housing etc. I wonder where they're getting these? It's obvious they're not being built to sell as a kit...