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    BDXL - Pioneer BDR-206M

    It has been broken! http://laserpointerforums.com/f48/freak-12x-405nm-diode-1w-1000mw-yes-you-read-right-d-65765.html
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    2 mode 10x Blu-Ray build in a Maglite

    Thanks for the kudos everyone, I have had some experience modifying maglites and building torches but this is my first laser:) Do you want a picture of the backside of the board with all the components on it (means taking the laser apart)? The pcb is just a disc of prototyping board with no...
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    2 mode 10x Blu-Ray build in a Maglite

    Hi Guys This is my first laser build. It has a BDR-S06J 10x laser diode driven at 400-410ma. It has an AixiZ 405nm, three element glass lens meaning it should output around 500mw. The host is a 4C Maglite sawn in half :) it offers amazing heatsinking and it is large enough to fit everything...
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    New 12X Laser Sled GB (BDR-S06J) $45 in USA!

    Re: New Fast Sled GB (inc. LPC-826) Hi Glenn If possible I would like to buy one BDR-S06J sled, 3 aixiz modules and one pair of your laser goggles. I will require international shipping. Also is it possible to label the package as under £18 in order to avoid UK customs tax. Can you pm me with...
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    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    I recieved mine today :thanks:
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    FS: Some Goggles and Hene Tubes

    Sorry but I have decided not to buy them. :( Thanks anyway
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    FS: Some Goggles and Hene Tubes

    Hi I am interested in buying two blu-blocker goggles depending on international shipping costs to the uk. Thanks
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    Best Optics For Throw

    If I was you I would just go with the reflector because in order for you to have a semi useable beam with an aspheric it would need to be compleatly out of focus and even then the beam would be full of artifacts. So you should get a lot more throw only using a reflector and a better looking...
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    New Stock of Overspec 5mW Green **3/2011 batch is here!**

    Hello swimminsurfer256 I would like to buy one laser pointer + international shipping for $16, can you pm me with your paypal address. Since I live in the uk, are you able to label the package as <1mw or something similar to avoid customs? Thanks
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    New 1W+ Blu-Ray Projector Build

    As far as I know, for the same power 405nm (violet/blu-ray) is slightly better at burning than 445nm (blue) as it is better absorbed by more materials. Also since blu-ray diodes are single mode they can be focused to a smaller point and the beam will have a lower divergance for burning at...
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    O-Like Price Increase

    The prices have not changed, when I went to check the prices I noticed the currency has been changed to Canadian dollars making everything seem more expensive. The prices in US dollars are the same as yesterday.
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    can 7.2v power a blu ray?

    Never use different batterys in series, especially with Li-ion's as they can easily explode! I would suggest you read some more about Li-ion's as they are dangerous batteries if used incorrectly.
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    can 7.2v power a blu ray?

    I never thought about that, good idea, but it would make it a bit more complicated and I think the op wants a simple solution. An even better way is to replace the transistor with an op-amp/comparator as this allows you to reduce the voltage drop to around 0.05v and a small pot can be easily...
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    can 7.2v power a blu ray?

    You could get away with 7.2v if you used a different linear driver like the one below because it has a lower voltage drop of around 0.55v compared to the 2.5v of the lm317 driver. It is slightly more complicated to build but it can be a lot more efficient. Power LED's - simplest light with...