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    Source for chinese hosts?

    I'm looking for a source of some of the popular hosts that all of the Chinese companies are using. A few in particular so I can build a few lasers. Here is an example and has always been my favorite style of host: Oh and if you guys know of any decent companies that sell lasers in the host...
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    New Lab Housing with Fan for <$20

    Very Nice, might pick one of these up for later use :thanks:
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    I want the most awesome burning laser

    Just everyone's super sarcastic posts, and wording of the OP's post. Well most people are like that when they first come into a hobby like this, they rush in not knowing anything. But I see your point.
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    [Pic Heavy] Lazerer's 650nm and 638nm Rifle lasers

    No no thats not exactly what I meant. Your right the quality isn't great, but you get what you pay for, and considering the good service that comes out of it. Its a pretty good place to buy from. Of course yeah say laserglow is going to be exceptionally better, but they're prices are fairly...
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    The Devils Brother. Tri "3x" Red Phlatlight LEDs in a Maglite Build" 9A

    Re: The Devils Brother. Tri "3x" Red Phlatlight LEDs in a Maglite Build" 9A This build is awesome, great job. :beer: These always remind me of unfocused lasers. Ive been thinking about doing a dual green phlatlight build, and I would have to have strobe. That's crazy..
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    I want the most awesome burning laser

    This thread is hilarious :pop:
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    FS: Custom Aixiz Module Host For 26650 Battery.

    haha these hosts are amazing, what do you expect? :p
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    [Pic Heavy] Lazerer's 650nm and 638nm Rifle lasers

    Guys guys, settle down. Lazerer does sell relatively good lasers. ALL of my lasers have come on or over spec. The only problems I have had is non protected 18650s not working in them, I always seem to have to use cr2s with 2 spacers. which basically fixes the issues with their lasers and boosts...
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    RIFLE 638nm - 300mW Bright Orangish Red Laser Pointer

    I now have this laser, and I will hopefully have a review up in a few days. Once I get a chance to write it.
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    150mw CNI 473nm $300

    I saw these earlier, they are an great deal. I need a nice 473.
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    FS: 100mW 473nm DHOM laser

    That's a fairly good deal, and very nice laser btw. :)
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    cheaper WL gear and arctic. FAST shipping

    very very strange sketchy website. wouldn't trust them with the lasers. They have all the E3s labeled as 500mw. The site says they are selling the arctic for 104$ but when you click the pay pal link it says 275$. Oh and I could go on and on, about the weird things on that site. Website was...
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    Review: O-like 400mW "New" 532nm laser [Warning, big picz]

    Very nice laser, I'm hoping to get the 500mw version of one of these at some point. I really like that its focusable and under 300$ really good deal if you ask me.
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    SOLD - 2+ Watt 445nm Ultrafire U-501B Beast of a Laser

    Very very nice laser, I love the tip. Nice power too.
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    CNI Lab 120mW Green laser Doing 144mW

    Nice, Id pick this up if I had the cash. was looking for a small labby like this. goodluck with your sale. :)