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    Xbox one thread! My experience so far (new owner)

    Yeah ill be enjoying mine a bit more when i can get some more games! Forza 5 is ok but the jaggy edges hurt my eyes. wish microsoft didnt cripple the hardware :( if ps4 had forza and halo, xbox would be dead lol. However just have to deal with it and look forward to GTA 5 and halo masercheif...
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    Highest quality red laser that can be bought in the UK?

    wow those 250mw reds looks great on ODIC! Hopefully my for sale thread will get approved soon when the admin comes online and i can finally get my 2.2w 445 laser built by the joker sold! then maby get one of those reds for £35 :) look pretty good.
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    Xbox one thread! My experience so far (new owner)

    Heyy, thanks for some detailed replies! :D i totally agree with the interface, its horrible and i hate the tiling! i still use windows 7 and love it. would never go to windows 8 or windows phone. But i did buy it for the new halo game :) i bought it for the simplicity of playing games on a...
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    Credit Cards

    Hi there, well for example. i think i was 19 or 20 years old i had no credit and i applied for a Vanquis granite card which was about 40%APR with £250 spending limit. i used it for a few months buying small things and paying off my balance to avoid paying interest, after a few months of doing...
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    Highest quality red laser that can be bought in the UK?

    Hey guys, ill be parting with my pride and joy blue soon, so im wondering to keep my laser appetite wet, whats the best red laser i can buy in the UK? Im not talking about one of those rubbishy cat lasers u buy in the pet store that take button cells, im wanting something a bit more sturdy that...
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    Xbox one thread! My experience so far (new owner)

    Also, please add me on Xbox live guys!! Rothomson is my username on there Look forward to pulling some heists on GTA 5 with you guys! :D:D
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    I want to get a pet

    Go for a cat! they are super easy to keep, they look after themselfs :) just always make sure you have food and water layed out, and they are so cute! my cat is best friends with a dog. she hates other cats, but the dog called jack, they are best friends and sleep together curled up, its...
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    Credit Cards

    Hey! i live in the UK, im 23 now. but here is my experience of getting my first credit card and why i wanted one. Well basically i wanted a credit card to build myself some credit history so one day i could get a good mortgage! I started off with a basic card with no good deals and a rate of...
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    Xbox one thread! My experience so far (new owner)

    Hey Guys! Long time :) Well i bought myself a 2nd hand xbox one for a song at the weekend! I got it with kinect and it is as i feared, pretty much a gimmik, it can be cool sometimes, but other times ive found myself swearing at it because its useless and doesnt listen to me. gestures are also...
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    Regret Your Username?

    Wish i had made myself a better username! didnt really think about it when i made it, wish it was more laser related. hahaha
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    Anonymous Poll: Do You Wear Safety Glasses Inside?

    I defineatly always wear my UVEX safety glasses especially with my 2.2W blue! omg this thing is so dangerous, id never risk my eyesight. i have perfect vision and want to keep it that way! i need to drive and need my good eyes to do my job properly! would never give up that for anything, always...
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    what 445nm laser to buy...options

    Went with a mirror polished SF-501B host in the end :) joker finished building it yesterday and shipped it out this morning :) got tracking number now :D Its fitted with a 9mm diode and He said it tested at 2.2w so pretty nice :) cant wait to see the mirror polished host! Cheers
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    Help, need to get a set of 445nm eye protection!

    Just got the set of UVEX S1933X specs through the post today. Very fast delivary from amazon usa. Nice lookin specs, looking forward to testing them when my new laser arrives :) joker shipped it this mornin so lets see how long delivary takes to scotland :)
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    Help, need to get a set of 445nm eye protection!

    just bought a set of these :) look like awesome glasses, hear they are pretty damn good and noticed they have been tested by forum users. stunned that they only cost £10 including shipping to the UK! Amazon rule :D Uvex S1933X Skyper Safety Eyewear, Black Frame, SCT-Orange UV Extreme Anti-Fog...
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    2W 445nm Lucklaser, too good to be true?

    Well thanks for all the help guys, have ended up ordering a 2-2.4w Sci-fi laser in 501B body with batteries and charger :) just waiting on him receiving the diodes in the post. also ordered a set of UVEX skyper safety goggles. gonna be all set! just the waiting game now. haha