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    Prism Optics

    What’s a dichro?
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    Prism Optics

    Thank you very much for all the information. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you sharing all of that with me!
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    Prism Optics

    Yes I use them all the time. I just didn’t want to get something made from the wrong materiel and destroy it.
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    Prism Optics

    I've been looking for some prisms for my lasers and I'm seeing that they come with coatings, different materials and tolerances. I'm not doing any kind of official lab work this is just a fun hobby. I would like to setup a couple prisms, mirrors, etc. Just to move the beam around the table /...
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    Infrared from 445nM

    Would you mind sharing a picture of your lab setup? Ive seen a few laser tables but not sure where to start or how to safely terminate the beam.
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    Infrared from 445nM

    I see you have many lasers. What do you use them for? I bought mine and while it’s absolutely amazing, it’s incredibly powerful and I can’t fathom a practical use for it.
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    Infrared from 445nM

    Thank you!
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    Infrared from 445nM

    Hey all, I've had a couple of lasers for around 10 years now. I just bought a 1.2 Watt 445nM laser and a pair of Eagle Pair goggles 190-540 OD5 rating. These however do not filter IR. That is where my concern begins. Do I need to buy the wave length blocking glass and get an IR testing card or...
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    The thread about "real" goggles/glasses. . .

    I just Purchased an eagle pair of laser safety goggles rated from 190-540nM and OD5 rating.
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    445nm vs 532nm brightness comparison.

    Does the 445 look violet to human eye or just camera?
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    "thin blue line" laser used in memorial for fallen officers

    Its pretty cool I drive by it from time to time. It's not as bright as I expected. From Interstate 4 my 35 dollar "200mw" can sit next to the blue dot and looks much brighter.
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    Cheap China Lasers Houdini

    Ugh I had a bad feeling it was something along those lines...
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    Cheap China Lasers Houdini

    I haven't been in the market for a laser in many months now. I bought a cheap China laser a while ago and liked it a lot for the price. 532nM supposedly 200Mw for $35.00. I was looking for other wavelengths for around the same price and spec. I purchased from T-mart since 35 bucks wasn't a make...
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    Anyone bought from Tmart?

    So I learned how to focus the laser better and the matches do not have to be markered black and they only take a few seconds to light. This thing is becoming more and more impressive.
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    200mW Tmart Green laser Burning

    This is the $33.00 "200mW Green Flashlight style laser" from Tmart. The Tip of the match was Red and was not colored black. YouTube - 200mW Green Laser