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  1. Rob

    A typo or a lie?

    Yeah, tell me about it. :mad: I joined right when every thing went to hell. LOL
  2. Rob

    A typo or a lie?

    Didn't catch that myself. LOL All in all he sounds pretty sincere and convincing and if he's willing to change his ways, then that's great. Then again DAoO convinced a lot people too, but that goes without saying....
  3. Rob

    I'm Back

    Thanks for the welcome back guys, appreciate it.
  4. Rob

    I'm Back

    After disappearing back in December, I've decided to come back. LOL. Not sure how much I was missed but decided to post here in the Welcome Section instead of randomly in some thread. Haha. Took a couple of months off to pursue some other hobbies and focus on school, however I find that many of...
  5. Rob

    Internet!!!!! Finally!!!!

    Now that would surely drive me insane. Hahahaha
  6. Rob

    Donating to LPF

    Hey Jerry, Check out the CNI GB#7 Thread. Glenn posted in there about PP locking accounts due to lasers. Hope this is what you're looking for.
  7. Rob

    Radical animal rights group Sea Shepherd uses green lasers against Japanese boat

    Jesus Christ, how stupid can people be! Ugh I can't stand radical animal right's activists...
  8. Rob

    Internet!!!!! Finally!!!!

    Christ, ain't that the truth. Glad I have Windows 7 now, it's awesome. :D Congrats on finally having interent again. Going two months without would kill me. Haha.
  9. Rob

    Check out my new laser pointer!

    You know, I'd take you up on that offer, too bad you're too far up North. Very jealous of the laser though. :D As jayrob already said, Rambo. :eg:
  10. Rob

    Cni gb #7

    I would also like to see the pricing on the blue's and yellow's. I've been waiting for this GB to get a 473nm. :D
  11. Rob

    What did you get for xmas?

    My main present was a new net book. An Asus 1005 HA-P, which I'm typing on right now. :D Also got socks, an external DVD Drive, 4 Best Buy Gift Cards, American Eagle Gift Card, and an Ansel Adam's photograph from my GF. It was an awesome Xmas!
  12. Rob

    Laser Christmas Tree

    Hahaha that's awesome! Great way to celebrate Xmas. :D
  13. Rob

    WL evo pro experience

    Wow that's awesome. Buy a 20mW get an 80mW instead. WL's sure has improved. I couldn't be happier with my Evo Pro, it's a helluva laser.
  14. Rob

    WL evo pro experience

    Am I reading this right? A 78mW average?
  15. Rob

    **SOLD** FS: 410mW 8X Kryton Groove

    Those beam shots are sweet. But I'm wondering how you got such great shots with your iPhone? I can never get anything that good. Do you use the standard camera app or another app?