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    Space Discussion Thread

    I saw a lot of the crew dragon development over the years, but I was still amazed at how futuristic and cool it looked while they were flying the actual thing in the livestream. Not that other spacecraft like the Soyuz and ISS aren't crazy advanced looking, but they aren't anywhere near as sleek...
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    New site live - please report any questions/issues here

    A free dark style like this one would be nice in the meantime. https://xenforo.com/community/resources/shades-of-grey.5812/
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    Veterans section access

    Looks good @c0ldshadow. Thanks. I'm liking the xenforo swap.
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    Veterans section access

    I was also in there and would appreciate being re-added.
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    FS: Custom Laser Labels Available Again!

    Send me the list of labels you want, and I'll start counting them up Paul.
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    Risk from a moron at a gun show?

    If you don't see an afterimage or have some sort of other vision issue, you should be fine. Even people that do get afterimages that last a few days/weeks can still turn out not to have permanent damage. Definitely a legally questionable and dumb salesperson. Probably not 3W either.
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    What happend?

    That's kinda how it is I guess. Compared to years ago, it's a lot easier to get ahold of a wide variety of completed laser components for a lot cheaper rather than using the knowledge online to make stuff yourself. There's definitely something going on with the forum SEO though. I used to see...
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    FS: Custom Laser Labels Available Again!

    Sorry for being MIA guys. I've been ridiculously busy with a lot of personal issues, but I've got a batch of these to do for myself soon, so I'm just going to put out a feeler if anybody wants in on it as well.
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    Ushio Necsel 577nm 1W yellow

    Haha. I was supposed to be at Photonics West for an all expenses paid school trip, but I missed out due to personal issues last semester. They send a lot of SPIE student officers. It's really intended for industry insiders and technical experts though. Definitely would have wanted to see some...
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    Sharp 495nm Diodes

    Yeah. He's keeping us updated in the chat. Best to check in there for anybody interested. #diode-chat section. Laser Discord Chat Invitation
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    Sharp GH04955A2G/ The New 495nm diodes

    Join the chat! Waiting on another batch now, and you'll hear about it there first. Lazerman is posting his updates there in #diode-chat. Edit: PM me if you have connection problems.
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    Sharp GH04955A2G/ The New 495nm diodes

    Did you try to join the chat Paul? We saw your name pop up. Having any issues?
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    Sharp GH04955A2G/ The New 495nm diodes

    Added a chat section for new diode discussion. See this thread: Laser Discord Chat Invitation EDIT: Vets please use the link in the vet section sticky! Also, everybody has to confirm an email to use the discord chat for spam prevention.
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    Space Discussion Thread

    Well guys, it's 2018 which may very well be the year new manned American rockets begin flying astronauts to the ISS. Also, space tourism might become a thing.
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    Space Discussion Thread

    Well, Falcon Heavy is on the pad complete with its cherry red Tesla Roadster. Personally, I'd have offered to put whatever flat earthers decided would prove the Earth was flat and flown it. https://spaceflightnow.com/2017/12/28/falcon-heavy-raised-on-pad-39a-for-first-time/