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    FS: 1W 445nm laser in custom Ultrafire WF-501B

    This is amazing deal.
  2. ReNNo

    mini RC helicopters

    Even 4ch helicopters are not cheap and I'm afraid that they can become boring quickly. Yes, I'm worried about jumping from 3.5ch helicopters to collective pitch helicopter. But I plan to use simulator to prepare for my first flight. I'm aware of the risk. But I cannot afford 4ch helicopter just...
  3. ReNNo

    mini RC helicopters

    I have few 3.5ch helicopters and they have become boring to me and now I'm looking for something bigger, more realistic and more difficult to fly. What do you people think about Trex clones? They are several Trex 450 clones and they are not extremely expensive as real TREX. Titan is the...
  4. ReNNo

    NJG-18, multimode boost driver for 445nm.. and possibly 650nm

    These driver are sold out in every shop I know. Does anyone know where to find these drivers besides KD or DX?
  5. ReNNo

    Hello-Member from Bosnia

    I'm glad you found this new hobby. You are in the right place and you can learn a lot here.
  6. ReNNo

    mini RC helicopters

    It is not even noticeable, but looks like better quality and maybe a bit thicker. S032....no way :D
  7. ReNNo

    mini RC helicopters

    I replaced tail rotor blade with a bit larger one.
  8. ReNNo

    mini RC helicopters

    Here is my S107 after speed mod Ve7r1WnJBRA
  9. ReNNo

    Laser Related Smart Phone Apps...

    I prefer "Electronic TB" for iPhone/iPad. And every newer version give us more and more options.
  10. ReNNo

    NJG-18, multimode boost driver for 445nm.. and possibly 650nm

    Re: NJG-18, multimode boost driver for 445nm and red +1 Rep for giving it a try.
  11. ReNNo

    mini RC helicopters

    I got Syma S107 yesterday but there must be a problem. (As always when I order something from china) After first charge I could achieve only 60 seconds of flight then helicopter started to loose altitude and stared to hover 2-3 cm of the ground. After few more charging I can only get 20-30...
  12. ReNNo

    SOLD: Arctic, review unit

    Re: Selling: Arctic, review unit Very nice deal.
  13. ReNNo

    Exeptionally "geeky" project in mind, need help!

    In my opinion VFD display would be the best choice for this project. It has amazing color, they are bright and contrast is great because there are only individual pixels that glow. And what is the best is that VFD displays can operate in the most demanding environment. And they mostly have...
  14. ReNNo

    Planning on first 445nm Build

    If it fits one 18650 then it will work with two 18350. But two batteries will be a bit longer (few millimeters) then one 18650.
  15. ReNNo

    Planning on first 445nm Build

    You can't just add another battery in series and not worry about current that batteries can give. I'd never make 445nm build and use 10440 batteries. If I couldn't afford expensive driver then I'd use 2x18350 batteries and Lm317 chip. But even then, you have cheap boost drivers that can give...