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    Brannon, Oh, my... I don't get into these parts of the Internet much anymore as my interests has subsided a bit... sold the Artic last year and the laser power meters. But I have all the rest of the lasers. I'm more active on Instructables (RayBurne) as my new interest has turned to Arduino...
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    SOLD... Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees

    Re: Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees Many, many thanks to brendon who followed my instructions completely. - Ray
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    SOLD... Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees

    Re: Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees YES ... $299 and I pay USPS in U.S. only PM me if you are serious and I will provide my PayPal seller ID. NO sell complete until you execute the PayPal transaction transaction. I must have your mailing address, too:D. Remember U.S. only & 18+ only...
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    SOLD... Artic SpyderIII 1W 445nM + LaserBees

    SOLD For your consideration as I enter retirement and need to simplify my hobbies (per wife.) - Artic SpyderIII 445nM SN34631 (June 2010 manf.) With original box, 2 batteries, charger, eye shades Excellent condition w/ original paperwork - LaserBee 2.5W USB SNU0158 Like new condition...
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    Why are LPM's so expensive?

    Business does not work like this... parts are just a portion of final cost. A "real" business has taxes, utilities, payroll, licensing, insurance, etc. I ran a business for 12 years and the costs are unbelievable... and everything is due up-front, before the first product ships. Please form a...
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    Can i legally buy this laser?

    When dealing with the Feds U.S. I would not be too sure of anything since interpretation can be an issue. We (the forum) went through this pretty much last year as a general exercise: http://laserpointerforums.com/f53/actual-laser-laws-country-53770.html Trying to decide on a laser-by-laser...
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    Reading power output of a quasi-CW laser on thermal LPM?

    Just my 2-cents: Optical sensors (current mode) are going to be impacted by the technology used to display the current/voltage... say a DC meter or an Oscilloscope. The LaserBee will provide a type of "integration" because of the thermal mass of the sensor and the large heatsink and will...
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    FS J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging.. In Stock Now

    Re: J.BAUER Electronics LaserBee 2.5 Watt USB only + Data Logging $129.99.. In Stock ... just my opinion, but the USB model LaserBee is still a great value even with the increase. Considering that USB is standard and the drivers are stable, considering that the thermal response curve is...
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    LPM Testing with various sources.

    GeeWhiz, Jerry, I screwed-up! I really should have used my old HP67 from college instead of that $1 battery-solar dual power calculator that hangs around the workbench and is most often used as a four-banger! I'm so shamed... :yabbem: So much for "so easy a caveman can do it..."
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    eBay Green Laser

    Just an FYI... I have 2 identical hosts which came from eBay last year... right down to the little dimples on the rear of the barrel. One was pot-moded just for fun and turns out 37mW of total energy after 15 seconds of warm-up. The original one hits 26 mW in 15 seconds and then continues to...
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    LPM Testing with various sources.

    Edit: 20110704: I reran my calcs and the below math is wrong as Jerry indicates in the next post. Correct calculation is: 1000W / 1550 in2 * 12.5 in2 = 8.065W for the 4" magnifying glass... Boys and girls- watch those oughts 'n naughts! I left the original wording below to show that I made a...
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    Simple Laser Power Meter Using IR Thermometer

    I have repeated a full range of experiments using a uniform target material, a uniform mass of carbon shellac, and a very accurate (0.02C) recording thermometer and have determined that temperature rise of a uniform black target of uniform mass and specific-heat can be utilized as a LPM...
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    In the H.E.A.T. of the light (coherent)

    PART FIVE Test results on new glass slip, 22mm x 22mm #1 thickness from Select, PSS World Medical, Inc. As I explained earlier, the heart of experimentation is to be able to have repeatable results... in my lab or in yours. Using the Chinese glass slips was a good start, but my source...
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    Rethinking our approach to the DDL?

    Oh, dear me, I'm on my 4th cup of coffee and typing... there is probably some "law" about typing while under the influence of caffeine. What is needed is a smart-battery (heck, everything else is "smart") that can only produce a specific current-voltage output. The feedback loop for regulation...
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    Rethinking our approach to the DDL?

    Thanks for the laugh... Science is weird stuff... weird science? In any event, lasers are cutting-edge electronic devices based on what just a few years ago would have been called impossible physics. And the state of the art advances quickly as does our knowledge about the electronics that...