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    cheap red pointer

    I broke mine too. :o this lesson cost me $2.50.
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    Harvesting the PHR sled.

    You saved me from my next pair of steel cutters! Being the beginner I was, I didn't know how to get the diode out, so I tried to cut the metal around the diode with a pair of wire cutters, I squeezed very hard and the blades snapped and hit me in my thigh, lucky I was wearing jeans. those were...
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    what do I do now? extract diode from dvd burner

    I'm sorry I can't see the images that well, they are blurry, could you possibly upload images with a better resolution? The Diode should look like this. Very small. it's inside of a sled, probably soldered. usually you'd have to de-solder the diode out. which can be found in this