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    Is this a laser, or a camera?

    I was over on another forum, (not laser related), and someone made an interesting post. This guy found what he thought was a high-speed camera, and the discussion turned into a debate on what it actually was. They narrowed it down to either a camera, or a laser. I've never even seen a labby in...
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    ICE's MegaThread

    No need for a new topic over this, so I'll put it here. It's just about over, but I just realized that there are tonnes of people here interested in this kind of thing: eBay - New & used electronics, cars, apparel, collectibles, sporting goods & more at low prices
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    Win thread

    The last bit just sounded like him smacking the wires. You could barley tell they were different notes. Still, awesome talent there.
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    Win thread

    No idea if this has been posted here, or is even from LPF, but I thought it was hilarious:
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    Ok, finally "done" Aurora Kit

    What's with the troll face? That is only appropriate after you troll someone.
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    Sh#t's hit the fan.

    To jayrob: Just filter your buyers.
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    Help - A paypal transaction

    He ended up loosing the PayPal case. I have my money back now. :beer:
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    Slk superstore

    Ah. I wouldn't mess with that then. I thought you were saying more like: "I bought a pen and they sent me a Hercules"
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    Help - A paypal transaction

    Thanks, man. :beer: The forum has done enough for me already.
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    Help - A paypal transaction

    I haven't herd back from them, but that's just because I sent them after hours. I think. If not, I'll call them tomorrow.
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    Help - A paypal transaction

    I have already sent them two emails with shit-tones of evidence on him. ...but still.
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    wlaser site is up

    If you have a website, people hare are much more open to you if you just say that it's yours.
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    Help - A paypal transaction

    Potatorage has been permabanned. http://laserpointerforums.com/members/potatorage/ There still is one little problem: What if PayPal sides with him?
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    Slk superstore

    That's wrong of you. You should return it.
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    Help - A paypal transaction

    yes. not on the receipt. I emailed usps, so they might be able to tell me.