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Senior Systems Engineer Converged Networking


405 still in sled
445 in aixiz module
473 lab style Received, v4 driver board with loose pot...got to get out the old soldering iron
2 ~5mw 532 dpss pointers
1 ~100mw lab style 532 dpss
1 ~200mw lab style 532 dpss

632.8 HeNe <5mw
632.8 HeNe ~10mw
2 635 pointers ~5mw
1 650 pointer ~5mw
1 DX ~200mw "Dilda-laser"

6 680 Diodes waiting on hosts and drivers

2 Guidesman hosts received

2 ssy-1 modules (1 with exploded flash lamp) 1 PFN

Various bits and pieces and a few aixiz modules with low power diodes
do not have a power meter

Needed - Drivers for 12x and 445