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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    While we are on the topic, here is last year's small show. The GoPro picked up the 360 degrees of audio pretty well.
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    Not currently, lasers have worked to ignite fuses, but have only tried to do it up close :cool: (and had to clean my lenses after) :confused:. You would definitely need a tripod for anything over a couple feet. I'm going to have to try that RC Relay idea, it looks much simpler than what I've...
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    Videos you wish to share part two.

    I got kind of obsessed with rockets a few years back and made a rack of my own to launch them.
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    Post your random pics!

    A coworker gave me a MagLite to use for parts (the switch) because the inside was so corroded that the tailcap wouldn't budge. So I introduced it to the bandsaw. 🤣 So that's what the inside of a battery looks like..
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    Enchanted Beams Thread

    I was anxious to get some shots this weekend as the snow finally melted.
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    Back from 2014...man prices have changed

    I have a Sharp 488nm doing 139mW (The link to the build is in my signature.) It is definitely a unique wavelength that you need to see, my camera has a hard time capturing it. From what I've read, they can run from 486nm to 493nm as their temperature changes.
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    Member Map

    Yeah, definitely small world!
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    Another bad idea

    I was going to post a thread on this, but I just found yours. A few weeks ago, a friend was showing me that his wife got him these for Christmas. I was actually surprised to see that unsafe junk like this is being sold. I didn’t get a pic, but because of the super unfocused beam, I had to...
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    Sale thread/ Hosts/Heat Sinks/Focus adapters/lasers

    That Hex host is definitely unique, I like it. That's one host you'll never have to worry about it rolling off whatever you set it on!
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    My Very First Laser Build!!! --- 445nm, 2W (M140), my "Alternative" Laser Host, and Analysis of Build Cost!

    Nice job with the DIY! I like the key switch. I also recently did a similar diy build in the thread "DIY Project Box Enclosure Build". The 1/4-20 thread to mount to a tripod surely does make aiming it so much easier!
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    New drivers by me testing and suggestions thread.

    That's cool to see someone designing drivers! 20mm is the most common diameter that I've used.
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    DIY Project Box Enclosure Build

    Here is a project I did earlier this year prior to my 7W NUBM44 Maglite build. I had a couple of weeks off work and wanted to try something that could be done without the assistance of a machine shop. The host (if you want to call it that), was an “Aluminum DIY Project Box Enclosure Case” found...
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    7.3W 450nm NUBM44-V2 Maglite Build

    Nice! I haven't attempted a cycle of over one minute on + a few minutes off. At 1 minute, the outer diameter of the almost 2.5" heatsink starts to get warm, so I know that the copper module on the inside has to be scorching hot. I've etched my name in a car tire years ago with an M140, so I...
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    7.3W 450nm NUBM44-V2 Maglite Build

    Thanks! I like your host too, looks very clean!
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    Guide: Where to buy 18650 & 26650 Li-Ion batteries

    I've been buying imren 21700s from liionwholesale. The 21700s have a good capacity and fit all of my hosts that use an 18650 + spacer. Pretty good prices and good selection of other sizes. Shipping cost is a downside though.