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    Custom Machine work offered for trades!!!

    Yeah, that's a setscrew hole. You can barely see it because I have a vinyl screw in there now, until I get some steel ones in. @Eku: All my detailing & completion of the host will be posted on a different thread (E&M), at a later time. I just wanted to show what a kick-a$$ job Mr.Willing did on...
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    This may be a very stupid question, but . . .

    Groovy. Thanks for your help, guys. :thanks:
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    This may be a very stupid question, but . . .

    The case pin is still floating, at this point. Therefore, if I leave it as such, it will be safe to swap the driver to a floating circuit (case neutral), yes?
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    This may be a very stupid question, but . . .

    Would it be a "bad" thing if I were to switch the polarity of a ~100mW BR running on a rckstr driver from case+ to case=? If so, why? I found a great host that, essentially, would only need the lead and ground wires pulled off of the existing board and soldered to the new driver. No other...
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    LPF's Religion

    Organized religion is a joke. Especially when you consider that many of these belief systems have become so entrenched in man-made dogma that they have ignored the basic tenets upon which their religion was founded. These organizations are so self-contradictory and hypocritical that one can't...
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    Should FrothyChimp Come back?

    Ooooh... S&M lasers! :spank::drool:
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    Help me pick the right one!

    Here's something I'll just throw out there: Check our Buy/Sell/Trade area for something focusable in the ~20mW range. That way, you can set the beam to a wider divergence (making the beam 'thicker' and reducing the power it would deliver to any one point), so you get the double bonus of a...
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    PHR-803t Diode Lifespan

    If it helps at all, I've got 3 PHRs that've been running at 100-ish mA for more than 3 months. I had one mysteriously go out on me for a while, but after having it cranked up a bit (it was running around the 30mA range & it was tweaked to ~100) it started working fine again (and still going strong).
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    Custom Machine work offered for trades!!!

    Thanks for being so accomodating and responsive! I know my sketches had a number of flaws, and I really appreciate that you kept in contact with me to get my input on the corrections. Beautiful job and great pricing!
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    Fantastic job on that custom machining order! :gj: Thanks a bunch!

    Fantastic job on that custom machining order! :gj: Thanks a bunch!
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    Im Going Insane!

    At the risk of sounding Zen, the only power that music has over your emotions is the power you give it. Simply put: you don't have to dislike it. Remember, the only thing that has kept humans as a species on top is our adaptability. Just learn to like it. If I got annoyed by the music the...
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    Cutting Mirrors

    If you want to save your larger mirrors for other applications, you can also save yourself a little time by ordering some 1x1s I came across on eBay: http://laserpointerforums.com/laser_pointer_forums_3/forum/showthread.php?t=40167 All you'd have to do at that point would be to smooth the edges...
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    The "I want to laugh" post

    For this one, you have to read the full name and party affiliation of the DA candidate:
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    The "I want to laugh" post

    I had the misfortune of watching the Bear Grylls video right before lunch. :barf: Here's something I stumbled across a while back: This guy is now my personal hero.