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  • Okay, I can do that! :)

    great --looking fwd to learning more about you. Another great reason for a location is being invited to a LEM-- by attending these I have met more than 100 laser forum members in person!!!-- search ytube vids for 'SELEM Laser' which is by far the biggest one we have and THE one to attend if you only can go to ONE. I made 5 in a row--its held Aug in Newton NC. well worth the 17 hr drive IMHO.
    where are you??
    why no profile??--we are a friendly/family forum SO--more personal info is needed. we have members world-wide and meeting them (for me) IS ALWAYS A TREAT.. Hope you are in Texas--we have a special group here... plz make an 'intro' thread in the welcome section like those already posted there.. you will get many 'welcomes' in return and hellos for members near you... I have a nice green rep bump waiting for you--Len in TX
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