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    1.25w 445nm rhd built laser

    The batteries are cr2 3.7v and the host is fandyfire. I'll try to link it when I get home the iPhone wasn't letting me do it. Much appreciated on the pics. Checked on the original post but it says nothing but sold in the thread.
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    1.25w 445nm rhd built laser

    Hey guys this is a 1.25w 445nm built by rhd. It has a custom focusing knob. It has little use on it I thought I would use it a lot more. Still in really excellent condition. I paid 200+shipping at the time without batteries or charger. I will include those and a pair of dragon laser safety...
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    Forget cats, get fish!

    When I was around 10 years old I discovered that with my 5mw laser pointer. Even though it might sound silly to some I kinda worry for the fish. I used to have a few small saltwater aquariums and all my little buddies were kinda expensive to be blinding them. Like I said I dont know how it would...
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    Spyder III Krypton Laser – Power Readings and Battery Current Draw

    And I paid all of about a fourth the price..
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    O-like 50mW DOA. Help please.

    Have you used a volt meter to check your batteries? I recently had some bad solders inside an o'like charger and laser. Check the batteries for sure with the meter first. And I understand te need to hit electronics when they don't work but I've also found out that jarring stuff around might...
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    F/S Ehgemus build 1.5W LPM tested $300~ SOLD!!!!

    Wow my phone loaded the rest of this thread after I posted a question... Sorry hope it works out
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    Can anyone make me a powerful handheld laser burner for up to 80 USD?

    If you don't care about color I'd still go with a red like suggested above. You'd get more for your money on the ir side but coming from someone still pretty new to owning lasers those scare me to death. The ir lasers you wouldn't e able to hand to any of your friends comfortably after seeing...
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    o-like shipping times???

    It seems like you really get what you pay for when it comes to ordering from any Chinese manufacture. Anyone thinking that something might be a good deal needs to take a step back and ask themselves wether it's a good deal or a cheaper product. I learned my lesson the hard way and from now on I...
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    o-like shipping times???

    I didn't want to start a new thread for it but I wanted people to see this. I've had several problems with my 500mw 532 crown upgraded. First the solder on the charger was horrible and I had to fix it. After the laser working fine for maybe 20 mins of use It started flickering. Opened the laser...
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    Laser getting dimer?

    I've kinda exhausted my options. I've checked and rechecked all connections. Batteries are in good working order and it all seems to work fine except that immediately when it's turned on its noticeabley brighter for less then a second and dims. It's most likely a small drop in mw but I still...
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    FS: 50mW Cute O-Like Green Laser w/Battery, Charger (30) - $525

    Anyone that might be interested in just one send me a pm. I'm buying ten and willing to part with some.
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    Laser show Niagara Falls

    All I can say is lasers while it's snowing at night. Oh man did I get some crazy pictures last night. I'll do my bet to get them posted
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    Lasers and temperature

    Most Deffinently gonna use that idea too. Living in oklahoma we have extreme humidity in the summer and then in the winter it's cold and even snows sometimes. Why didn't I look that up before I moved here..
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    Lasers and temperature

    Haha true pigsnibble. But thanks again for the info wannaburn. It was important to me and I had some inclination that something was going on
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    Lasers and temperature

    Thank you! I was Noticing a drop in power on my green. Any long term affects? The host is waterproof so Im less worried about condensation.