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    Help with NUBM44-V2 Blue Laser Diode

    It was purchased locally in Australia. I won't say more.
  2. marcwolf

    Help with NUBM44-V2 Blue Laser Diode

    Many thanks... The seller said it came like that but.. Anyway - as I am just getting my CO2 laser I will be busy with that. Will get a NUBM44 in the future though.
  3. marcwolf

    Help with NUBM44-V2 Blue Laser Diode

    My old laser diode has died and I want to get a new one. One thing that concerns me is that the NUBM44 I have in my laser does not have a can top. Every other picture I have seen of this type of laser has the can top. Has anyone seen a NUBM44-V2 or V1 without a can top where you can actually...
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    LED Orb 2.0

    Hi Folks. First time here and I want to say how impressed I am with the orbs. They look fantastic. Whilst reading the construction notes I could see similarities to issues I have with some of my projects (I do animatronics) 1. Communtators to transfer power. This is always an issue because you...