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    X-Boost the replacement for FlexDrive?

    YES! You're the best.
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    X-Boost the replacement for FlexDrive?

    Hi all, I'm trying to finish what I started roughly 6 years ago, which was building a PHR-803t laser, using a single 3.7v battery. Unfortunately, my FlexDrive is somewhat mangled due to poor soldering, so I was thinking of just purchasing a new one. Dr.Lava seems to be gone, and the only thing...
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    Flaminpyros Stuf

    Hi FlaminPyro, Are Flexdrives available/in stock?
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    Engrish Thread

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    I think a favorite bands topic would be better... But I have way too many favorite songs... Octavarium and In the Presence of Enemies(Pt. 1 and 2) by Dream Theater are pretty much top.
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    Whats Your Favorite Energy Drink?

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cocaine_(drink) Im too scared to try this stuff... Im sticking with Monster :P
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    Who here has been banned?

    Its like friggen China on that forum... Censorship galore
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    Who here has been banned?

    Once. I posted a thread seeing what they thought of Popular Mechanices of "The Torch" :P
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    Can you see Ir light from a TV remote?

    Well I dont know really how LED's work, but is the "red dim glow" really IR or just a result of the current going through the LED?
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    FS  10mW Blu ray laser 405nm  40$shipped

    Re: FS  10mW Blu ray laser 405nm  40$shipped Lol this thread got pretty funny. Thanks spyder :)
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    Tropic Thunder is the best movie ever made

    Based on the fact that before I posted, there was only one view, I would say nobody :p
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    FS  10mW Blu ray laser 405nm  40$shipped

    Re: FS  10mW Blu ray laser 405nm  40$shipped How completely immature. Someone decides to help you out, and this is what you do? Really man, grow some balls.
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    That Will Be Three Billion Dollars, Please

    You make 78 cents an hour?
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    dx laser safety goggles

    Its "CE" or whatever too... I have a feeling thats illegal in some way? Forging that?