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music, nature photography, fishing, sword/knife collecting, target shooting, PC gaming and lasers :)


Handheld 2.03W 445nm InGaN blue diode laser
Handheld 180mW 650nm AlGaInP red diode laser
Handheld 100mW 532nm Nd:YV04+KTP acid green DPSS laser
Handheld 80mW 532nm Nd:YV04+KTP acid green DPSS laser

Handheld 50mW (112mW peak) 589nm Nd:YAG+LBO golden yellow DPSS laser
Pointer-style variable output 4mW-31mW 515nm GaN mint green diode laser
Pointer-style 15mW 532nm Nd:YVO4+KTP acid green DPSS laser
Pointer-style 12mW 405nm GaN violet diode laser
Pointer-style 4mW 650nm AlGaInP red diode laser

***LaserBee 3.7W USB LPM***




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