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    1.2W yobresal 445nm power graph

    Yay, my biggest pet peeve: graphs with axis unlabeled.
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    Casio seems to be potting projectors

    We are not plotting against them. They are plotting against us. All we are doing is fighting for our right to do what we want with OUR PROPERTY! If I buy a projector from them I OWN IT. I am NOT renting it from them. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT to tell me what to do with it!
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    XJ-A150 News

    LMAO! me mashes the +1 button
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    XJ-A150 News

    For years we've had high voltage coils in CRTs and cars THAT COULD KILL YOU. Unlike a laser diode that at worst could blind you. There was no need to prevent people from removing said part from them and using it for other purposes. Personal responsibility people! Let's not let it slip away anymore!
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    YObresal 545 custom Should be in tom!!

    Luke....most powerful lightsaber ever.... Hello George Lucas? Yeah you're not gonna believe this...
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    XJ-A150 News

    Why do they even care what we do with their product after we buy it? How the hell are they possibly responsible? I mean if you buy a flashlight and smash someones head in with it is the victim going to sue Maglight? FFS Crapio STFU and be glad anyone is buying your stuff you dumb ass mofos...
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    My first official host build w/pics

    You really didn't know shining a beam that powerful would damage the camera's sensor?
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    Rayfoss RF532-300mW-FMK(IR filtered)

    Same wavelength? 532nm green?
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    Lm317 for 445nm 1w laser

    What exactly is a "normal" driver? Not a bad idea to take a quick look at the spec sheet once in a while: http://www.national.com/ds/LM/LM317.pdf
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    Fire Safety with Lithium and Lithium Ion batteries

    While the polarity doesn't matter, the voltage does. We have 120V AC here in the states and in Europe they have 240. So either the charger will have to convert or you will need a transformer. Verify that the charger is suitable for 240VAC 50Hz before plugging it in unless you want to convert the...
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    Dragon Lasers 1W Spartan

    Yup, that's a feature of the laser diode. My Yobresal 1W has that effect going in the positive and negative Y axis, symmetrical about the axis.
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    1-1.2 watt 445nm lasers

    Re: 1-1.2 watt 445nm lasers CHEAP $180 It's really very good for the price, just keep in mind it's not 100% duty cycle and the batteries don't last all that long. Also you can't take it apart if anything does need replacing.
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    1-1.2 watt 445nm lasers

    Re: 1-1.2 watt 445nm lasers CHEAP $180 Ah yes of course! How did I forget that? So then the Juice brand batteries current flow should increase as their voltage drops until it drops too low. I will test this later. Thanks for reminding me!
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    Rayfoss RF532-300mW-FMK(IR filtered)

    A smoke machine and 50mW 532nm green laser will have a brighter beam than a clean room and 300mW 532nm beam. You won't see much difference going from 200mW to 300mW but it will cost a lot more.
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    1-1.2 watt 445nm lasers

    Re: 1-1.2 watt 445nm lasers CHEAP $180 I've tried both batteries and the Tenergy LiFEPO4 deliver 0.98-1.00A current to this laser while the included Juice brand deliver only 0.75-0.86A both batteries charged (not in the same charger obviously). Even though the LiFEPO4 batteries are only 3.8V...