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    Hot sauces ,can you? do you?

    The Hottest Fuckin' Sauce Hot Sauce Emporium Hot Chilli Sauces That's probably the hottest sauce Ive had. It is supposed to be 600,000 scovilles. Myself and a friend drank a tablespoon each and the first to drink something lost. we called it a tie after an hour and a half. currently I am...
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    High Voltage device Questions With Pictures

    As promised, here's the video any help on how to integrate this wit ha high current low voltage dc power supply? Edit: fixed youtube embeding
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    High Voltage device Questions With Pictures

    well I got it sparking! wow does it pack some power. I uploaded a clip to youtube but it doesnt seem to be up yet. I will update once I find it. now that I have this side working how would I go about wiring the main dc supply up? I will probably be using a small arc welder. I don't have the...
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    High Voltage device Questions With Pictures

    Ok, yeah that makes sense. Meaning i could burn it out right? How do limit the current? And by getting it to spark i was refering to the 2 terminals on the underside correct those 2 terminals are the ones comming out of the blue box to the bulb on my schematic.
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    High Voltage device Questions With Pictures

    Hey Guys, hopefully someone here can help me. I am inching towards getting one of my xenon short arc lamps running and I got my hands on one of the HV exciters. I opened it up and got some pictures for you guys as well I drew up a schematic to the best of my knowledge. Hopefully someone here...
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    C6 Focus Knob Colors. Flat Black Sample Up! Opinions?

    Re: C6 Focus Knob Colors ^ This My goal is to eventually have a 405, 445, 532 (or maybe a ~520 diode) and a 650/635 in c6 hosts and would love purple, blue, green, and red ends. otherwise I chose black. Edit: are you CNCing these? how about a little inset in each of the 6 "wings" for tritium...
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    Anyone looking to try an interesting project?

    Shipped to meatball. Good luck!
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    Anyone looking to try an interesting project?

    Hey yes i still have one. I have heard you can run these off a welder i just dont know how to integrate the high voltage and the low voltage. Shipping to lincoln will be about 30 dollars. It's in a fair size box.
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    Anyone looking to try an interesting project?

    Hey, ARG. for some reason your postal code doesn't work on Canada post website but it appears you live in Richmond? I calculated shipping to there and it should only be $20
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    Anyone looking to try an interesting project?

    Hi, so I have been wanting to take on this project for some time, and while I could figure it out I know there are more experienced people here and though I would ask. I have an 1800w xenon short arc that I would like to make into a "flashlight", more like a spotlight and I was wondering if...
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    Hdd platter
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    pipe cleaners or garland
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    Whats in your computer? Computer Builds! :D

    currently: 2.66 ghz core 2 quad 4Gb ram radeon 5870 bluray drive 128gb Crucial M4 SSD (for OS) 3 23" samsung monitors various internal/external drives: 3Tb Hitachi, 2 2Tb WD caviar Black, 1.5TB WD black, 1Tb WD black, 1 TB (2.5") WD Blue, next upgrade so far, probably by christmas: Core I5...
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    Win thread

    haha, thats 10 minutes from where I live. I wouldn't say there's lots of bears around:confused:
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    Calling the electrical experts

    yeah, thats what I was taught. anything under 50 volts and you are safe from the resistance of your body.