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    700mW 405nm Build (S06J)

    I can make you one, $100 shipped. Black host same one as in this post :) Let me know if you're interested.
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    700mW 405nm Build (S06J)

    Not sure about the diode's model # It was extracted from a Sony BDR-S06J aka SF-BW512L. a 12X blu ray laser burner :) https://www.ebay.ca/itm/233583052849
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    405nm Laser Pen 488nm Conversion

    You have to make sure to change the shunt resistor on the boost driver to output 105mA for the 488nm diode :) It's not plug and play!
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    405nm Laser Pen 488nm Conversion

    I have replaced the stock SLD3232VF 405nm diode that comes with these cheap pen lasers with a Sharp GH04850B2G diode 488nm :) Try it yourself! With some patience and a few tools, its quite easy.
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    Gas lasers still relevant?

    same here :)
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    I bought a laser but seller doesn't respond

    I want updates on this, trinh is usually a great seller! I'm sure this will get resolved.
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    Facebook laser group

    https://www.facebook.com/groups/859025558304468/ Come join the laser clan! Anyone is free to discuss anything laser related :) Fb is usually quicker to use on the phone than the forums :) so i decided to make another group as the other existing ones (2) are pretty dormant. I also don't like how...
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    700mW 405nm Build (S06J)

    Uses 2x 10440 batteries in my standard host. Diode running at 6v @ 450mA
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    520nm 1 watt Laser Build

    My custom hand-built 520nm 1W pointer for a client. One of my all time favorites, so bright and shimmery, even indoors with normal lighting! :O These diodes are just insane. You can buy one if you'd like to at my website: https://sites.google.com/view/ye-olde-laser-shoppe Uses 2x 10440...
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    488nm & 505nm Lasers for Sale

    It is my website :) They are all new.
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    488nm & 505nm Lasers for Sale

    35mW, thanks I corrected the post :)
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    1.6w 450nm for sale

    450nm: (https://sites.google.com/view/ye-olde-laser-shoppe/450nm-1-6w) $50 + Shipping Worldwide 1600mW @ 4.8v 1200mA OSRAM PLTB450B Diode
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    Measure Laser Distance

    Use two lasers in parallel, and measure the distance between the dots at a distance to get range. They do this in the nautilus program.