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    Build thread: 4.4W 445nm dual diode laser

    Re: Worlds most powerful handheld 4.4W 445nm All hail to you sir! Thanks for raising the bar!! :bowdown: Peace, James

    Possibly The most efficient M140,my new 2.6W+ saik build

    ^^ I think he said that was with the new two element lens he's been testing. By the way AnthoT, any idea on the e.t.a. of those? Peace, James

    I'm pretty sure I am a moron

    That's bad, but could have been even worse. I have worked in dealerships for most of my career, and have seen many of these " chipped " keys go for $100.00 or more, just for the blank. Some of these newer keys in addition have to be " programed " as well. So all told you could be in it for...

    So I went to the fair yesterday

    Ha ha, he's totally in the zone eh? That's animals for ya. They never cease to amaze me! there so much preferable to a lot of humans that I know. Thanks for posting! :beer: Peace, James

    Found some interesting 445 lens.. ;)

    ^^ You can put me down for one as well sir! Peace, James

    My new 445 build with super efficient diode :D

    ^^ Yep, Ive been known to do the air conditioner trick myself! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Highest pulse current?

    IIRC this question has been bounced around before. Some were saying that for a much higher peak power might be obtained, You would need to change the frequency of the currant as well, in addition to just increasing the amps for brief periods. Might be interesting to try, especially with the new...

    There is Something "Wrong" With My Beam/Spot

    ^^ I thought the same, Kinda looks like a Tesla Coil discharge, or plasma globe! :thinking:

    spaceman in the basement

    Looking good Dan! I too am sorta working on my own version of a laser pistol. Kinda been a dream of mine too since I first " attempted " to build my first laser pistol in 1979! I banged a quick one together the other day, took my old trusty cree c6, found a cheap water pistol from K-Mart with...

    Excellent dealings with DTR

    ^^ Yep, DTR always gives great service!!

    Could Tesla's laser have prevented Titanic disaster?

    Oh well I guess we better go back and call the Wright brothers crazy too, as we all know man can't fly! I'm out now, gotta go back to the park. I have some pigeons to feed.... :na:

    Could Tesla's laser have prevented Titanic disaster?

    ^^^ Yes his story is incredible indeed, I was just calling what ended up HAPPENING to him sad. And your dead on about where the human race as a whole would be right now, IF he had not been railroaded by that low life human JP Morgan. It's story's like this that really make me wonder about the...

    Could Tesla's laser have prevented Titanic disaster?

    Nikola Tesla, the theory's surrounding him go quite deep into the rabbit hole indeed. He is a man ( legend ) that I deeply admire, and feel greatly sad for, just look at where, and how he died. I think his experiments in Colorado Springs document and show what he had tried to give all of us...

    Super Freak 445nm Build "Fat Boy" >2.7W

    I tip my hat to you sir, excellent work!