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    WTB: Blue & Green Builds!

    The <80mW from Sanwu arrived today. It's okay. It looks like every other 5mW pen I've bought, but I do like the host! Nice feel for a cheap laser, that's for sure. I suppose I was hoping it was overspec a bit. Anyway, it's done nothing but fuel my need for more, so this is a bump! Still...
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    Sanwu Spiker review

    I'm confused as to why the "Saber Style" Spiker is $70 less than the regular Spiker, and when both are spec'd to 5W 445nm, the Saber Style is still $10 cheaper. That math doesn't make a whole lot of sense when the saber style seems to use more raw material. Podo, can you shed some light for me...
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    Pokémon GO

    Hacking and exploits, in my opinion, are not so much about one-upping other players, it's always been about how fun and interesting it is to see what you can do with a game, or what the game does with itself. Going all the way back to the original Pokemon games on Game Boy, you could exploit...
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    Holy @#$%... $100 488nm diode!!

    Re: Holy @#$%... $120 488nm diode!! It does look like a gorgeous color. That's why I'm wanting a 462 or 473 right now, I'm trying to get a better looking blue!
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    Holy @#$%... $100 488nm diode!!

    Re: Holy @#$%... $120 488nm diode!! How impressive would this be at <100mW? I'd definitely be interested, but that type of power doesn't seem like it would be anything special to look at.
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    WTB: Blue & Green Builds!

    I have an 80mW 532 from Podo arriving in a few days, just to toy around with before I find the high powered builds I'm looking for. What's news in glasses these days? I sold all mine and it isn't a huge issue for this one, but since I do have a cat now and my girlfriend has never seen lasers...
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    Pokémon GO

    I'm a level 25. This game was fun, but it's endlessly frustrating now. There are many issues with the game, a lot of which interfere with its playability. I am a 90's baby (93), and like most 90's babies, the idea of this game is something we've been wanting for years. Just wish it worked as...
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    FS: 2W C6 445nm M140 LPF Donation Laser

    You should definitely throw up some pictures here, or link to your build. 5 days left I'll raise you to $35! :D This was a great idea. Thanks for doing it.
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    WTB: Blue & Green Builds!

    After all this input and reading some more, I'm leaning towards the 07E and the M462, moreso the M462. I've been told the M462 has way better specs when it comes to divergence and visibility, and is damn near the same color. I haven't had much luck in responses in the way of getting a build done...
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    WTB: Blue & Green Builds!

    Re: Wtb: 520/532 & 445/450 Yeah that beam expander is crazy isn't it?! I am very envious of his. I'm wanting pretty much exactly what he's got.
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    Pushed hard 07E 465nm in D mag. Amazing color I haven't seen.

    Fantastic work there pman, and your collection is impressive!! Usually not a fan of Mag builds simply because I've never liked them as flashlights, but yours looks great!! I'm pretty much set on getting an 07E as my next piece after everything I've been seeing about them.. that color is just...
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    WTB: NUBM44 Build

    Not quite, just seeing what's out there. Although, I saw ArcticDude's NUBM07E, and it was love at first sight. I've got to get me one of those. Anyway I'm moving all this to my own thread just so this can die in peace since brendon is no longer doing this build.
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    WTB: Blue & Green Builds!

    Re: Wtb: 520/532 & 445/450 I saw the NUBM07E on ArcticDude's thread in the Multimedia sections....damn that thing is gorgeous...how does it spec out compared to the 44? If you haven't seen it yet, check it out here. That looks plenty bright with a gorgeous, saturated color. Beam looks tight...
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    Enchanted Beams Thread

    Wow this thread is incredible!!! ArcticDude those shots are spectacular, and I am in love with your NUBM07E:drool: +rep all day long for this Those pictures alone make me need that in my life! Where did you get yours? I don't want to fill this thread with old low-res photos, so here's just one...
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    WTB: Blue & Green Builds!

    Re: Wtb: 520/532 & 445/450 Where can I find the new host? Didn't know they were represented here. The first paragraph of every item description does not inspire confidence lol:whistle: I'm looking to pick up one of each all said and done. If prices have levelled off in the last couple years...