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    Newbie question: IR laser

    Thank you all for your feedback and advise. I'll look for an alternative way to accomplish the task then.
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    Newbie question: IR laser

    I have a black shutter that covers the path of the laser beam, plus the safety button that I have to push and hold before I can press the power button to turn the laser on.
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    Newbie question: IR laser

    Hello, Few year back I had an IR laser diode that I used to pop a black balloon in a very close distance which was 1/2 inch. The device was build inside the table and the balloon rested on top of it so the expose would be within seconds and the use of the IR was because I didn't want anyone to...
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    Looking for someone to build a new laser for me.

    So if I ordered from China and the laser spotted by custom. Will they confiscate it or they just return to the vendor? I ordered one form Laserpointer.com few weeks ago because the website stated they are in New yOrk but until Ipaid, it turned out tht they are in China and witht he tracking...
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    Hit in eye with 1000mw 445nm blue laser

    Thank you for sharing your story, Xoul. It's a wake up call for anyone who is not taking the danger of laser seriously. I hope you'll get well soon
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    5x 808nm IR 1000mW Diodes $14ea

    Awaiting for your reply. I need to know how fast and how far it can pop the balloon and most importantly how much do you want to sell it including shipping to California. Thanks
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    5x 808nm IR 1000mW Diodes $14ea

    Thank you Jeffreythe00 for your concern. I do appreciate it. Yes I do have a pair of goggle for IR. This is what I have Amazon.com: 808nm Infrared Laser Eyes Protection Glasses/Goggle: Everything Else I am not looking for a laser pointer. My intention is to use it in a controlled...
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    5x 808nm IR 1000mW Diodes $14ea

    Ronox If your focusable 250mW IR laser is enough to pop the balloon and you want to sell it. Please let me know. I'll take it off your hand. I am looking for a small IR laser module for an experiment Thanks Linh