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    China ebay seller lyzq2000 over rated 532nm "200 mw" laser.

    Actually kind of funny and sad that this chinesses BULLLL SHIITTT claims of power have been going on for YEARS and people keep getting sucked in.
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    DX "200mW" green module

    I haven't bought any for quite awhile but that sounds way to cheap for 200.
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    Government shutdown

    Removing 8 0's cuts would be $3.85
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    Is there a battery issue?

    I gone through about a dozen Green modules in the last year. I have pretty much considered them to be "limited life disposable". I do have one (can't remember where it came from so I won't mention names) does the same thing! Worked great! 200 mw rated measured 175-180. total time on less than...
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    Help With 18650 & Charger

    Do you only have the one battery? " E_TRUST" sounds like a generic cheepo chineese who knows what. Get a good battery. Dragonizer says it right. YOU NEED A METER. Sounds like your laser is OK just a battery or charger problem.
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    Help With 18650 & Charger

    I'm beginning to think you are a troll but since I have started the second bottle of wine and am just screwing around doing a few things We can fix this. You have two choices: 1. Put battery in TITS UP 2. Put battery in TITS DOWN If neither of these work you have either a: 1. BAD CHARGER or 2...
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    Help With 18650 & Charger

    Just flip the battery around for awhile and see what happens. It didn't work they way you did it so you have nothing to lose. If it doesn't work you have bad charger or bad battery.
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    Help With 18650 & Charger

    The picture/print you posted shows the base of the battery as -. (which it is) You can't see the symbol on the top part because it is blocked but there ain't much else it can be but a +.
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    Help With 18650 & Charger

    I have a couple of those and I put the flat end (minus) on the sliding part. Looks like the label could be upside down.
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    Can it be fixed?

    Which driver? Micro boost? X-drive? Sure you had the right voltage for the drive? Good heat sink?
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    Ridiculously cheap lasers

    These ads are placed by guys in china that have 28" peckers and are 12 feet tall.
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    Good deal i made with my girlfriend ^^

    I used to have a woman telling me what I could do and what I could or couldn't get. Then I got a divorce. One of the smartest things I have ever done. I know a couple of people using the electronic cigs and they really seem to help.
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    Eye damage in Egypt?

    Lots of greens being sprayed all over in the massive crowds! See an occasional blue. Many obviously being aimed at cameras because of the flash/aiming. I don't see how some people aren't getting blasted in the face.
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    [Help] Why can not my laser burn?

    If you got a 1 lb can of Parmesan from china the lable might say something like < 12 lbs.
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    Strange pattern with 405nm

    405 is violet and dim. You sure that's what you have?