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    No Longer Available

    Re: 1.2 Watt Copper 445nm blue lasers CHEAP $149.99 5-mode now available!!! So my laser from yobresal arrived yesterday, 1 week or 5 business days since he shipped it to me. Very fast shipping indeed from California to Sweden, and swedish customs usually hold packages for a day. Impressed! The...
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    No Longer Available

    Re: ***SALE 8/8-8/15 1.2 Watt Copper 445nm blue lasers $129.99 shipped**** Have been out of the laser hobby for a couple of years now, but with such a good deal I cannot resist getting into it again :D If you still have got some of these left I am interested in one. I assume payment will be...
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    CNI GB 5th time!

    Oh yeeeah, I got mine (GLP-473nm) today! The exterior looks really neat, and as the weight is so high for a pen laser it feels really solid. But unfortunatley my batteries haven't arrived from DX yet (ordered them over 3 weeks ago, meh!) but I'll see if I can get some of those WICKED costly cr2s...
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    FS: LaserGlow Aquarius-10 473nm Blue Laser Pointer

    This is one awesome deal (oh wait, no it's a STEAL!), it will definitley go quick! I would have bought it, but I'm getting the same laser through Glenns group buy as well... :D
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    CNI GB 5th time!

    You told me you had some CR2 batteries, Glenn, and that you could send them to me. So when speaking of batteries, do you have a charger for these kind of batteries you would be willing to sell? It would be easier to get it along with my aquarius-5 than to order from DX separatley.
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    Does 473nm lasers look blurry?

    Ahaa, if it's not my eyes I should be fine then. Cant wait to see this color everyone says is so vivid and awesome :D
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    Does 473nm lasers look blurry?

    As I'm soon getting a blue aquarius-5 through the CNI groupbuy I'm curious about this. As we all know, 405nm "blu-ray" laser dots and beams is blurry because they are on the edge of our vision. But, is this effect noticeable with a 473nm true blue? I've seen a lot of lights and signs in the...
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    CNI GB 5th time!

    Im not very active on the forum anymore but I reeeealy want a blue laser, the colour looks so friggin awesome... I think I will buy an aquarius "5" through your group buy. You said that $315 was the price shipped to the US, what would the price be for international shipping? Also am I in time...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Hahaha Igor, of course I remember that you replaced the diode, host and everything - maybe I didn't say what I meant clearly enough. What I mean is that I've used it (the new one) a LOT almost every day, it has survived drops, been accidentally left on for almost an hour etc. In other words a...
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    FS: >110mW PHR, >140mW 4x & >170mW 6x Blu-Rays

    Hey Igor, fantastic to hear that you're back in business again! It feels really good to have you back here, and to know that you managed everything. What a coincidence, I've not visited the forum in a long time, and I somehow chose to come during the days when you say that you're back! Oh BTW...
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    Moving to new forum system, vbulletin, soon

    I've not been around for some time, and when I opened the site I was, frankly speaking, mildly shocked. But so far I haven't found any flaw in this new vBulletin mode, and the search engine is definitley better than the old one! Sure, it'll take some time to get used to the way the site looks...
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    FS Nova x100 @peak 125.5mW

    I'm interested in gettting this for a friend. A PM will come, after the maths test I've got in about 15 minutes... :P
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    FS: Greens @ 0.3W-1W / Blues @ 0.05W-0.2W (473nm)

    Re: FS: Greens @ 0.3W-1W / Blues @ 0.05W-0.2W (473 The site looks pretty damn nice. And the price for that 50mW blue is awesome, $420! :o When I'm buying a blue labby in a pretty near future I will probably buy from you, so much easier and more personal than buying directly from China. :)
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    Super Prommie .. ~700mw capable | 387mw avg

    Re: Super Prommie .. ~700mw capable | 387mw a It is indeed mode hopping. The mode is called TEMshakyhands. :D
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    Making the beam LESS visible?

    Perfect vacuum isn't possible ;) The only solution I can find is to use an IR laser, however it's still not a good solution. High power IR lasers costs a bit, and if money isnt the issue, then the divergence is. IR lasers tend to have high divergence, so you wont be able to pop a balloon...