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    Food Pictures

    dude you eat like exactly like we do here. i live in hawaii btw.
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    WL & LC Comercial Prize?

    hah they were supposed to send me a spyder III for review a long time ago. that was back when i had equipment for making a good review and stuff... 2 years ago at around new years they released the spyder II and thats when things started going down hill for them. then like a year (maybe less...
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    LPF music tread!!!

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    Obama won!

    im attending the same high school that obama spent 8 years of his life at.
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    Do not read

    Re: JAKE21, Child User. he doesnt even owe you a thanks. itd be nice, but he doesnt owe you appreciation.
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    Do not read

    Re: JAKE21, Child User. can you leave please. imagine jake is a huge oil company thats loosing money. you on your huge expeditions find a massive oil feild the size of texas out in the middle of arizona or something with no wildlife and people protesting. you then call up jake and say "dude...
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    To all who bought from me.

    awesome. sorry about the wait guys.
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    To all who bought from me.

    sorry yeah i sent everything. i am shipping from hawaii and everything is really expensive to ship here because its all flown. costed 45 bucks to ship everything. should get there in a few days.
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    Selling SF?

    i kind of wanted to sell http://www.spectraforum.com , but i have never sold a website before and dont know where to begin. Anyone have any advice/want to buy it? It would be relatively cheap for a website, but i want to get some money for it because i put a lot of work into the site and it is...
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    To all who bought from me.

    ehh its hawaii what do you expect.
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    To all who bought from me.

    Last week i put up a bunch of stuff for sale. These people bought from me: AoiShikaki Girpy john_lawson holographygirl stealle I have all of your things packaged and ready to be shipped, but the main problem for me is that the post office is about an hours drive from my house, and they are...
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    Selling some stuff

    Everything has had some interest or been taken except for the 125mw CNI. Heres a list of stuff and who wants to buy them/ has bought them: Kenometer: john_lawson ($100) MONEY RECEIVED Pulsar 125: sawt ($150) Black Cap set: sawt ($20) Silver Cap set: AoiShikaku ($20) MONEY RECEIVED Blue (650nm)...
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    Selling some stuff

    k i can send those to you. let me know what your address is in a PM. Also, stealle, ill send the goggles to you as well. PM me your address. ill be sending this stuff on the weekend.