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Oclaro 700mw 638nm @ 1W
Nichia NUGM01T 520 nm 9mm - 700mw @ 6V using a 510 VV Mod or 1.441W w/ 2x18350 or 2x16340 in SkyRay S-R5 Host or Maraxus Iron Man Mech Mod
Nichia NUBM07E 465 nm 9mm - 5.4W
Nichia NUBM05T(s) 460nm (450nm if ever run on the lower power settings) 9mm Open Can - 6.2W to 7.238W :drool: housed inside of either the Maraxus Iron Man Mechanical Mod (Gold & Black, Gold & Chrome, Black & Chrome, or Chrome & Gray) using 2x18350 or 2x16340 or SkyRay S-R5
Nichia NUBM44 450 nm 9mm - 6.23W @ 4.8A.. going to shoot for 6A soon in a thermo-cooled handheld

I carry the SkyRay S-R5 shells (EVERYTHING but the LED pill, but comes with threaded pill seat for easy laser driver install - VERY EASY) and the Maraxus Iron Man Mechanical Mods. PM me if you're interested in hosts or diodes!