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    Wicked laser - laser dock

    Re: Wicked Laser's LaserDock no kidding. just thought id see what yall thought. i havent been on here in 7 years. man how things have changed!
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    Wicked laser - laser dock

    Wicked Laser's LaserDock I just got an email from wickedlasers about their new home laser show that goes with music. here is a link to their indiegogo page. https://www.indiegogo.com/project/preview/44d90b75#/ It looks awesome!!
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    CNI GB 6th round!

    i would seriously consider wearing two sets of goggle with that 1.4watt lab!!!! lol
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    Great Buyer! Responded quickly and very polite!

    Great Buyer! Responded quickly and very polite!
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    140mw Blu-Ray only $80!

    i think he just literally tried making lasers with a few different diodes before finding one that could handle the power
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    Where to buy blu ray lasers?

    i am selling my 140mw blu-ray for $80 here http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/140mw-blu-ray-only-80-a-44007.html#post583603
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    diy blu-ray reliability

    i have a 140mw blu-ray selling for only $80 shipped here http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/140mw-blu-ray-only-80-a-44007.html#post583603
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    WTB: Blu-ray burner in portable host

    i have a 140mw blu-ray selling for $80 including shipping in this thread http://laserpointerforums.com/f39/140mw-blu-ray-only-80-a-44007.html#post583603
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    140mw Blu-Ray only $80!

    to be on the safe side i never had it on more than 30 seconds at a time, as for a duty cycle, i have no idea what its limit is as i have never pushed one to it, you'd have to ask daguin for a real answer
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    140mw Blu-Ray only $80!

    140mw Blu-Ray only $80! SOLD! SOLD!!! THIS LASER HAS BEEN SOLD!!! SOLD!!! THIS LASER HAS BEEN SOLD!!! SOLD!!! THIS LASER HAS BEEN SOLD!!! I have a 140mw Blu-Ray laser that I purchased from the user Daguin about 1 year ago. It has the 803T diode being driven at 165mA. It has an AixiZ acrylic...
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    wow i found it, those are great deals! i will seriously consider!!!
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    that's what I'm afraid of, lol, btw, could someone do me a favor and list the prices for the current cni group buy for each laser, that would be tremendously appreciated! thanks!
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    i meant the main companies not the Chinese type ones with iffy quality, ya know what i mean? i did see this laser on o-like though that looked very tempting with the video at the bottom, does anyone have it? would it actually be good or do you think it would crap out in like a week or month...
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    well of course the price in a group buy will be less but i am talking about the prices listed on websites in general, and $10 off a $300 laser isn't that great or even $50 off a $900 laser isn't good either, :/
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