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    445nm @ 1.25A & a Foggy Morning

    Hello Folks, It has been a LONG time since my last post. I have wondered if (with photobucket changing) if these are even visible anymore, what's left is better than nothing! Happy upcoming holidays to you all :)
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    Dont have 1n4004 diodes for Dummy load. Any alternatives ?

    ^^^ yes, and I will add the 1N400x series are all 1 Amp.
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    Game: Guess the mystery object !

    That RS battery is going to be worth something somday?!! Thanks for reviving this thread!
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    Laser Power For Lights-On Scanner

    Here are two pictures taken outside, the first at 6:20PM and the second at 6:31PM. As you can see, 11 minutes makes a large difference in output brightness. The projector used is a 2.8W Lightspace Pluto II
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    Hardware / Software needed for single color animation

    Blasterman if you are in the USA you can find at spencers what they call a 3D Party Light for around $200 if not on sale. It is position detector galvo based and has an SD card slot.
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    Radiant X4: A LPM for the masses at Illumination Supply!

    I'm still down for one of these meters, patience.
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    Can police confiscate my laser? Yes!

    That makes me SO mad!!!!!
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    Can police confiscate my laser? Yes!

    I had a HeNe that I had made portable and inside a plastic squirtgun./machinegun rig.. It looked awesome. At a concert event plainclothed cops confiscated it and returned it to me at the end of the concert at their little police station. more details from my previous post on this here...
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    The Inexpensive Engraver Mod Thread

    Could somebody please re-upload this file please, it shows: File was deleted by owner or exceeded maximum storage time (100 days from last download). Thanks! -M
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    for the LightShow people

    For the lightshow people, I consider this a deal, check out todays Woot: Daily Deals for Electronics, Computers, Home, Tools, Garden, Sport, Accessories, Kids, Shirt, Wine, & more it is a standup indoor outdoor silver front, black detacheable backside movie screen, almost ten feet across X
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    Radiant X4

    hey Arg, what thread do I watch for the availabilty of these.? csshih says to watch you or your thread for this are there going to be more x4's? xt's now (or coming up) only?
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    Techhood bribing me, PHR-805t discontinued?

    ebay does not give a crap about how many reports or negative reviews.. calls they get. At first I thought that within the last 30 days 41 negatives was bad, to shop further and then learn of sellers with 150+ then 300+.. check this one out at over 460 for this month gone by eBay Feedback...
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    $90 Laser Engraver Kit?

    here is the bg page with that link 300mW Desktop DIY Violet Laser Engraving Machine Picture CNC Printer Sale-Banggood.com
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    $90 Laser Engraver Kit?

    ^^^^ this guy needs competition~!!!
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    $90 Laser Engraver Kit?

    i went onto the other computer now, check my edit of the prev. post from me.. here you go Downloading: Desktop laser machine software.zip - Uploadingit