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    LaserGlow Safety Glasses?

    We accept all major credit cards, postal money orders, bank wire transfers, Interac email money transfers, bricks of gold... everything *except* PayPal, really. As ARG pointed out, PayPal poses some real problems when you're a merchant, and we've chosen not to deal with them primarily because...
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    LaserGlow Safety Glasses?

    The discount code is LPFGOGS and it's actually 20% off!
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    LaserGlow Going Downhill

    Hi Hwang21, I don't monitor this forum very closely anymore, but another user sent me a link to this thread. I am truly sorry that you had a bad experience. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, and while occasional mistakes are inevitable for any organization I feel that your RMA was...
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    Is a white laser possible?

    If you have a massive research budget you can buy a supercontinuum laser. I've seen one of these in action: Supercontinuum generation in photonic crystal fibres NKT Photonics
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    LaserGlow's Testing of Lasers?

    The testing methodology for our lasers varies by model, according to what the laser is designed to do. Our testing lab has a very impressive array of equipment: thermopile power meters, photodetector power meters, photodiodes, spectrometers, the aforementioned Coherent Modemaster, beam...
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    Review of the 5mW 635nm LaserGlow Libra

    Thanks for the review! FYI: There is no such thing as an "overspec" 5 mW pointer from Laserglow. If the laser was over 5.0 mW it would not be Class IIIa compliant and would therefore be illegal for us to sell in the USA. The spec for the Libra is 3.0-5.0 mW so that's what you'll get!
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    LaserGlow Sales

    Where did you even get that link? I'm sure I didn't re-send last year's newsletter.
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    LaserGlow Sales

    Woah, the link you just posted is to LAST YEAR'S Black Friday sale email. This year's email is here: http://app.streamsend.com/private/AFJw/tRN/YgstYvz/browse/20009621 OP, can you please edit your post? I don't want people getting confused.
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    LaserGlow Polaris no shipping to USA?

    Countries have Customs for the same reason that your mouth has taste buds. It's good to know what you're ingesting before it gets inside you.
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    Laserglow lyra c5 5mW

    Glad you like it! We know that our 5 mW pointers are more expensive than some, but we also know that our pointers are of the best possible quality and we totally stand behind our products. We appreciate your positive review!
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    OEM Laser Systems is gone

    I'd just like to take this opportunity to remind you guys that Laserglow sells high-quality, American-made, ANSI-certified laser safety goggles. We even have a 20% off discount code just for LPF members: LPFGOGS Laserglow Technologies - Handheld Lasers, Alignment Lasers and Lab / OEM Lasers...
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    A Career which you can play with lasers daily

    Event_Horizon has a college diploma in Photonics Engineering Technology. He actually has a very comprehensive education in photonics and lasers.
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    Why ebay Safety Glasses are..bad

    An important safety goggle specification, and one that is usually missed in these threads, is how long the filter material will take a direct strike before failing. That is, does it block the laser beam for half a second before the material fails? 5 seconds? More? Good-quality goggles will be...
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    Whose laser pointers comply with FDA

    "the FDA considers all hand-held portable lasers "SLA" (surveying, leveling and alignment) and are limited to 5mW output regardless of safety features and certifications. " This is not what I have heard from my contacts at the FDA/CDRH. They are a large organization, so perhaps there is some...
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    Laserglow's Spring Cleaning - Clearance items 30-50% off

    Sorry guys, we can't hold anything on this list. Clearance items are sold on a first-come first-served basis. Also, we do not accept PayPal so if you're transferring money for that reason it's not going to work! We accept all major credit cards, bank wire transfer, or postal money order.