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    Post your cat!

    Brother and Sister, Mimas and Rhea. Mimas died a couple of years ago, of some kind of liver cancer we think. Rhea is my wife's cat, still going strong. So you guys think my wife has a pretty pussy? ;)
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    Water Cooling!

    Could you not put one of those ceramic block resistors flush against the radiator and supply it with a constant current then measure the resistance across it with the water off and on? Then start doing some sums, Ohm's law, work out the power absorbed by the water cooler in a predetermined time...
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    Method for removing scratches from (roughly 1 inch) lens?

    You're right though ash, there are epoxy crack filling and glass gluing compounds with refractive indexes matching glass / gemstones etc. But they won't be exactly the refractive index of your lens and you'll get an abberation, maybe less noticable than the untreated scratch but still evident...
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    Method for removing scratches from (roughly 1 inch) lens?

    My Dad is a glass blower and I grew up in a glass studio with furnaces, cutting and polishing equipment glass, diamond saws etc. I recommend the following. carefully stretch cling wrap over the lens, without any creases. Pour plaster of paris into a plastic bowl, then suspend the lens (wrapped...
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    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    Nope, don't work for aperture science, whoever they are! 445 it is then... good idea.
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    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    great now I have to referee a boxing match on my own thread! :crackup: I've had a couple ideas which should make the build far more interesting. Stay tuned.
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    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    Thanks guys! Now I'm inspired to add more functionality to it, and hopefully another colour. :tinfoil: The point of this is the shoe-string budget. If I spend $$$ on bits it's an automatic fail in my book.
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    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    noone commenting on my bio-scanner? Is it that shit? :D Is it because it doesn't burn holes in stuff? Or just because it's ugly?
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    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    Thanks Jerry, I just figured it out at the exact same time you did it for me. :P I was trying to use [.youtube] instead of [.yt] :yabbem:
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    Bio-Scanner Mk.1

    Thought I'd share my latest expereiment with you. This was built as a laser effect light for my "tunes room". I call it my bio-scanner, because it reminds me of the lifeform scanners in sci-fi movies. When it's running in a dark smoke filled room you get the unnerving feeling that it's...
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    Wanted to buy - LCC

    I'm looking to buy a LCC diode from a GGW sled. I have one and need another for a project, bu don't want to spend $50 on a sled right now. Anyone have one or know where I can buy one?
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    maximum distance balloon pop?

    What's the maximum distance you've popped a balloon at with a 405nm laser? I only have a 6x diode running here.
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    New O-Like green modules

    Looking forward to a review of these; I wonder what the divergence is like...
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    What's the deal with burning?

    It's a boy thing, boys always play with matches, always have since there have been matches. I guess this is the modern equivalent - high tech version of naughty boys playing with matches, get it? LOL Folder I know where you're coming from - check this post...
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    200mW of green for $125 shipped!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mine arrived yesterday - the analog modulated version - packaged thoroughly, exactly as advertised. I have no way of measuring the power output unfortunately but it's significantly brighter than my 95mW CNI pen. I powered it up, using a 5v signal from a computer PSU with two pots between the 5V...