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    6/4/17 bunch of lasers:)

    Re: Various lasers 4 sale Okay you said you ran this laser for five mins and didnt feel much heat? Then why did it get warm fast if i ran it for 30 seconds? Did you do any soldering to this or something with the connection? Is it possible something shorted when i turned it on? I accidentally...
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    FS 638nm 700mw Oclaro in C6 host

    He insists it's my fault and that he finds it hard to believe that I didn't contact him wensday when it came even though I opened today. it was my Christmas gift. any chance you could go a little lower cause of this?
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    6/4/17 bunch of lasers:)

    Re: Various lasers 4 sale
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    6/4/17 bunch of lasers:)

    Re: Various lasers 4 sale Ok why did you put a 18650 inside my ebay 405 600mw. it led'd as soon as I turned it on and it got hot in like 40 seconds.like wtf at shipping a class 4 laser with a active power source in the mail.
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    FS 638nm 700mw Oclaro in C6 host

    Still have it? I wanted to see how christmass turned out. I ordered a 600mw blu ray from pman and he freaking put the 18650 in the laser. It LEDed in 2 seconds or even less. I gotta see what he says.who ships a laser armed wtf.
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    6/4/17 bunch of lasers:)

    Re: Various lasers 4 sale Ok I want that 405. I had my chrome 12x pen it took 2 AAAs i think the boost driver is going/or the ld went over time it would dim and whine if a AAA couldn't give the current i needed fresh nimhs for it.
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    Looking for a 6-7w NUBM44 450nm in the US

    Yeah but I don't have those batteries. I'd be interested but I'm just worried about customs.They're seizing a lot of stuff thats not illegal lately,like Kratom which has a MDMS sheet and is marked not for human consumption. What are good 16340s? Also is it focusable? I might think of it if no...
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    Star Wars Rogue One

    So is it really alot better than 7? in which my fav char gets you know.... That movie was so bad It made me stop liking Star Wars for awhile ( still played the X-wing games) and I did something I'd never thought I'd do I started watching Star Trek. I went from hating it to finding it amazing. I...
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    Advice with life

    If it helps I'm 22 have no IRL friends just one in a suburb near Pittsburgh that I knew for 10+ years. I only have one brother and he moved out. no grandparents and my parents fight. Haven't been doing too well at college. I learned no matter how bad things seem always stay positive a solution...
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    Homebuilt 3-5W Copper Vapour Laser System

    Won't a regular 589nm leak a few uWs of 589.2nm if they can be multi line?
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    [Physics Question] Is the illumination pattern of a laser diode constant?

    I've seen a IR muiltmode change as it got hotter and when i'd click it off for a few seconds and back on it would change shape. no lens was on
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    Returning Banned Members

    IMO they should be allowed to return except for scammers and people that just spammed. Make a 6 month waiting period and if they come back before that ban them. If they come back after the 6 months and they don't break the rules let them stay , but make suspensions harsher and warn them 3...
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    Cheated by tomfire1735

    Sta what's the power on the yellow you got? I have a 561 pen it mode hops like crazy but i get 5 mw out of it. you're not that far away so you could come see it and make me a offer any lasers you'd trade for?
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    Looking for a 6-7w NUBM44 450nm in the US

    Doesn't have to be fancy as long as it's heat sinked to be ran for a bit over a min and takes 18650s or you have the batteries to sell with it.
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    Make my choice:)

    This 589nm has that unique look alot of people like it. if you use the o-like blue googles you see ir florescence on stuff like wood as it blocks 589.