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    Mohgasm returns as BudgetBeams.com

    Good to see you back Moh! Best of luck with your new eshop! :beer: -Jim
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    Searching for good GITD powder

    I've bought from Glow Inc. before, best powder I have ever used! You can check them out here: Glow Inc. -Jim
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    What is your favorite part of the Visible Spectrum?

    Even though I've never seen yellow in real life, blue (450nm) is by far my personal favourite! :beer: -Jim
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    SOLD: Sparkfun 25% Promo-code

    Re: FS: Sparkfun 25% Promo-code SOLD! :beer: -Jim
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    Thumbs UP for O-like

    I've always had good products from O-like, especially that 400mW 532nm Crown. It almost hit 700mW once! :beer: -Jim
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    SOLD: Sparkfun 25% Promo-code

    Hello everybody, I've been away from LPF for a while now. Exams have been all over my head this year. :can: Anyway, while doing some room-cleaning, I found a 25% off Sparkfun promo code that I got from Maker Faire Rome. It is going to expire soon and I don't have anything in mind to order. I...
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    Found 15 dollar test load for drivers, up to 3 amps.

    I dunno if the ebay seller is Jufran but if he isn't I'd suggest anyone to by directly from Jufran, he's a great seller! :D Jim
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    Sand-Blasting My C6!

    Re: Blasting My C6! Nice job! I'll blast mine too if I find the time... :beer: Jim
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    Dam water on fire.

    Good to know! :wave: Have a nice day, Jim
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    Dam water on fire.

    Greek? :D Jim
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    Dam water on fire.

    Very cool picture! :gj: Jim
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    FS: 32GB LG G2 AT&T, charger, USB cable, original box, case

    I might be interested, any chance you can unlock it? :thanks: Oh and are you interested in trades? :beer: Jim
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    [FEELER] Cheap, small Laser diode Drivers

    Do you have any "drivers" in mind? :beer: Jim
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    in the hospital

    Hang tight mate! Everything is gonna be alright! :beer: Best wishes, Jim
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    Giveaway: Grid 2 steam code

    I'll take 19! :beer: Thanks, Jim