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    Re: Buying laser for friends birthday I wouldn't ever recommend Ebay lasers unless you know a lot about the seller. Ebay lasers are usually over spec and might not have IR filters installed which means they can be quite dangerous if they are not operated correctly. 25 dollars is a hard budget...
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    LaserGlow Anser smudged dot?

    Thank you very much! That worked perfectly.
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    LaserGlow Anser smudged dot?

    Here's a comparison with my LG Galileo (Left) and LG Anser (Right). Why is my Anser so scattered and messed up?
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    Laserbtb 5mW 515nm pointer

    I see that this laser was 6mw and it was listed as 5mw. Are laserbtb lasers usually overspec?
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    LaserBTB Overspec?

    That's much appreciated. I'm really curious about these results! Also, nice laser collection. Can't go wrong with LG :)
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    Please Help Me Decide On My Laser

    I can tell you're new to lasers. Make sure you're getting eye protection with a laser of that power. You should wear laser goggles with anything over 5mw and especially over 100mw.
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    WL Nano or LG Galileo for astronomy?

    First off, I would stay away from Wicker Lasers if you can. They are known for bad shipping and customer service along with not so great products internally. Secondly, 5mw is plenty for astronomy when it's truly dark outside. 15mw is a bit overkill. On top of that, you can trust that if you're...
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    LaserBTB Overspec?

    I just purchased a 450nm 5mw blue laser from LaserBTB and I'm quite happy with it. It had an FDA sticker on it and comparing it with my 5mw Anser from LaserGlow - known for their very high quality true mw lasers - I made the judgement that my LaserBTB one was also 5mw, or at least very close...
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    My review of Laser 301

    Well, the only downside to the Laser 301 in my opinion is that it doesn't come with an IR filter. You need to be careful with that thing. IR is nasty.
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    5mw Lasers + Extremely Foggy Night = AWESOME

    Thanks :D
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    5mw Lasers + Extremely Foggy Night = AWESOME

    It was extremely foggy today and I was able to get some crazy beam shots out of my Laser Glow 5mw Green Anser and 5mw Red Libra. Being in a polluted city, I usually never get their beams, even at night... except for tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_clK2-BBK3Y Got any cool foggy laser...
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    Need help finding the right green laser... still

    Around 50-100 dollars. Though preferably closer to 50.
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    Need help finding the right green laser... still

    The 5mw is definitely not enough. That's why I'm trying to replace it :P
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    Need help finding the right green laser... still

    No more than 10-20 seconds. Although it would be nice to leave some room. A 60 second duty cycle or higher would be more than enough.
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    Need help finding the right green laser... still

    I've just finished reading the "Guide to buying your first green laser" and I'm still having trouble finding the right laser. I currently have an Anser from LaserGlow. Right now I'm looking for a green laser that I can use for astronomy - No I will not point it at planes -. In summary, I need a...