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    25% off, 3-in-1 red laser pointer-silver

    Just did a quick search and found this link says $3.9 for the red laser pointer-silver. Get it from this link: 3-in-1 Capacitive Touch Screen Stylus + White LED Light + Red Laser Pointer - Silver (3 x AG3) - Worldwide Free Shipping - DX
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    Cheap red burning laser

    That is dangerous to point to others' eyes with laser. Be careful.
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    Your Opinion? bans- when should they be permanent??

    "IMO a temp ban has a second chance built into it-and that should go away if a second violation occurs." Give he or her a chance would be better. If a second violation occurs, that would be intolerable
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    From concept to reality - Phobos host (taking orders)

    cool, where did you get it.
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    ebay "super overspecs" XD

    Yeah, ebay have many laser pointer store, you can also go to aliexpress have a look. Some cheap retail store like dealextreme and amazon also can get this item by cheap price. Why not have a try.
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    Shipping Timelines by Companies and Regions

    yes, i agree with yours opinion.
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    So what happens at customs?

    in usual, customer pay more attention to the products like laser. You must care.
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    A Guide To Buying Your First Green Laser

    This is really a detailed guide about how to buy green laser.Thank you randomlugia. Of course, Hope you can share more experience about your personal tips.
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    Here I am finally

    I want to find a place to introduce myself. Here i am finally. I just want to say hello to everyone. Like anyone else, i am a laser pointeraholic. I love collect laser pointer. i:angel: I also hope to find more friends with the similar interest.