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    Just begging for another lawsuit (Wicked)

    It can cut bread. But you could probably cut through it faster by placing the loaf under a a dripping faucet. :)
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    Just begging for another lawsuit (Wicked)

    I'm ordering one. I've emailed them asking for a shipping discount. I don't think it's unreasonable, considering I ordered my Arctic a couple weeks ago. If they accept my request, I'll have it ordered tomorrow. If you have an Arctic S3, much less a Krypton, you've obviously got a little...
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    Buy a tripod of Wicked Lasers

    WL's forum shut down. You can't make any new posts.
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    My Wicked Lasers Experience

    Interesting. I didn't research the company until about a month before the Arctic's announcement. I didn't find all the vitriol until the Arctic debacle. WL appears to be responding to the criticism. I haven't heard anything negative about their Krypton's. They're selling Krypton's at spec, now...
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    My Wicked Lasers Experience

    Previous Experience Wicked Lasers earned a terrible reputation when they released the Arctic. They did so by marketing their product like The Sharper Image, mishandling customer service like a scummy New York camera shop, and building/delivering their Arctic more slowly than Boeing b/d's a 787...
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    FS: (EU) A couple interesting lasers. (ship anywhere)

    I wish I could take the Arctic and Krypton off your hands. Regrettably, I paid MSRP on the Arctic a week or two ago. I could have had both the Krypton and the Arctic for that price. I'll share the thread with a few friends.
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    Most powerfull handheld laser

    If that's continuous, it's as powerful as this laser: 6 WATT Green Laser Burning Things - YouTube
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    Wicked Lasers E3 Green Brand New!!

    Thank you for delivering it!
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    Cheap Safety Glasses - TESTED

    Thanks for the write-up. I've been reading LPF for a few weeks, but just made an account today. I have just ordered a pair of these glasses for $8.43 with two day shipping (prime). I recently ordered an Arctic S3 (432 nm @ <1W) [prior to reading LPF's warnings] and, as of this weekend, a (used)...
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    Wicked Lasers E3 Green Brand New!!

    You're in Pensacola? I'm at UWF in Pensacola. Small world. I'm sending you an offer via PM now.