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    Thank you

    Well, it looks like I picked a great time to log back in. Can't say much else, quite a bit of catching up to do, but the site does look much nicer/more modern.
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    Exploding Vape Battery Kills Man

    There a number of different ways that smoke detectors work, but you're absolutely right, most will not be set off by vaping. Some will. Vaping is pretty much treated like smoking nowdays by most establishments. I used to be an avid vaper for a while, but lost interest, still in the time I...
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    Gun Discussion

    It's fortunate that with greater knowledge and ability also comes perspective. To date 9/11 remains the worst terrorist attack, and though it is tragic it does give me some hope for humanity that nothing worse (terrorist related specifically) has happened in the US or Europe. Guns terribly...
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    Exploding Vape Battery Kills Man

    Unfortunately vaping faces a lot of opposition from the tobacco industry itself. Also while it helps people quit, or works as a replacement for many smokers, there are arguments against vaping too. The biggest being that long term effects are not known, and that vaping could lead to smoking...
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    Evil Genius.

    Remember reading about it a long time ago, and have seen it as a plot device in movies/shows lots of times. Will give it a watch. As crazy bank robberies go, the North Hollywood shootout definitely had the most lasting impact. Lots of movies and documentaries about it too. While it's crystal...
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    Laser Surprise!

    They look scary, but in reality are not. I ran into them a lot when I had a dog, and took late night walks. Most of the time they will just run away. Sometimes hiss. Never actually saw one play dead. Never had one be aggressive to me or my dog either. They are really good for the...
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    Built two new blue lasers today

    Very nice EDC you have there! Willing to bet your machining skills are far ahead of most too.
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    what is the most dangerous colour laser ?

    Absofreakinglutely. The thing is, in general, I don't think people are anywhere near as likely to be flashed by an IR laser. From that perspective, if we consider the odds of being accidentally exposed, the most dangerous will be 532nm simply due to the number of cheap green lasers out there...
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    personality profile

    Lol, yeah, the tests online are just for entertainment. @Alaskan, the other scary aspect to consider, is that if you are actually that smart... boy are people dumb. I did have a longer test done in college, lasted several hours, and placed me at 144, but it's worth noting I was under the...
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    personality profile

    I did take the tests mostly for amusement and introspection (including star wars personality type, Dooku :p). Regarding access to the information, I usually take the tests via private browser if they are in any way actually revealing. Those that facebook advertisers push, the data could be...
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    personality profile

    Thank you guys! Think I'll have a bit more time in the near future, and looking forward to catching up on what I missed :D Edit: I'm gone for months, and the system STILL won't let me rep you :/
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    personality profile

    Necro bump... took a quick test last night because of friends also taking it out of curiosity. Less in depth than the one I took before, but it's interesting how the results changed...
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    Gun Discussion

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    LPF's Religion

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    Gun Discussion

    I haven't been following the news as much as I used to, but with what happened in Vegas recently, feel it's worth bumping this thread. Feel terrible for the people there, just at the wrong place, at the wrong time.