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    Skull Battery 18650

    On a practical end, are there products that offer transparent bodies? Otherwise how are you going to showcase them? Only when they are docked on the charger? Also, its wise to have the chemistry/working voltage/capacity listed on the label. 18650 is by definition an ANSI standard for...
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    Head scratcher - can I make this circuit from relays, diodes and switches only?

    I can't think of a way beyond a transistor circuit to clamp the motor though, you can cut power to it but the remaining magnetism generated by the stator would still cause the motor to move, possibly past their limits even with limit switches in place. Theres inertia to deal with too. How big...
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    Found an LM317 in Philips CDR765

    Wow, someone did their homework on noise filters... For me, I would save the mosfets, inductors, and large caps, optoisolators, and zeners... like that TL431 down there. I'd personally ignore the LM317 simply because there isn't many places I can use it. Plenty of switch mode alternatives...
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    We lost another company!

    Hello there, could be just my computer but McAfee sounded alarm when I clicked that link, it told me its a malicious webpage and recommend me not to proceed further. did anyone have that problem?
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    Pricedrop!: Offroad's Laserbtb sales thread!

    Re: Offroad's Laserbtb sales thread! quite bummed about laserbtb closing. edit: nevermind. :)
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    Laserbtb.com the source for all laser needs. (6% coupon : 109058640691)

    I went to laserbtb's webpage today and now it reads: Thanks and Goodbye! From MAY1,2008 to MAR24,2017,we provided many laser pointers, we try to be better,but we know we cannot make everyone satisfied. Now we stop this business,thanks to all kind buyers in the past years! So I'm guessing...
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    High Current Homemade Driver

    LM350 has the same pin out as LM317, but has an upper [not lower] current rating of 3A as opposed to 1.5A as the LM317. In fact the minimum load current of an LM350 is the same as the LM317, about 10mA. Wire the LM350 the same way you would wire an LM317 for constant current. The reference...
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    High Current Homemade Driver

    If you absolutely must use TO-220, whats stopping you from using LM350 instead? Same pin out and reference as the LM317, Good for 3A
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    USB rechageable laser

    the latter is more difficult because it will need a voltage equalizer to balance out the cells. The easiest way I can think of is to place a 4.2V clamp regulator across each cell. If it was me, I would probably implement something like a bq29200 or bq29209 and skip the guesswork
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    DO NOT buy the 3.6V 19Ah D cell at radioshack.

    Lithium thionyl chloride have systemically been used as memory protection applications, to which even 100mA is considered "high drain." Typically they run around the uA range, many of these batteries are permanently soldered into the devices they were meant to operate in
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    disgusting people

    You be surprised the wonders of olfactory fatigue. Stay in there long enough and you won't notice a thing. That's how they manage to live there and looks at you like your crazy when you say their house reeks.
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    Question about my new LaserBTB

    Sounds like its normal then :) Alright guys, I'll call it remote control bypass plug from now on okay? :) mortuus, I was hoping it would be around the same size as the LaserGlow Galileo. At present its too long to fit in any of my holsters. I would have liked something like the Galileo but say...
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    Question about my new LaserBTB

    okay, let me see if I can explain it better. My question had nothing to do with the safety plug, but my apparent term for it caused a bit of an uproar. So heres what I'm asking about: My HL 520 lays before me, the remote connector bypass is in, the rcr123A batteries are in, the key lock...
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    disgusting people

    I take it they are now immune to Boric Acid? Seems like that stuffs been around for years
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    Question about my new LaserBTB

    gee, that was embarrassing, googled buttplug and it gave me something totally unexpected. What would have been a more correct term? :)