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    Sanwu laser shop challenger series

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    Sanwu laser shop challenger series

    There ya have it! Thanks again Podo!
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    Must see video

    Used canola oil so the glass would stick together... Not sure if just stupid or if he was a very elaborate troll.
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    Sold wicked lasers inferno 750mw+ with lens kit $340

    This is true. Not only do they not ship higher powers to the US anymore, if they did you might wait 6+months to get it.
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    Recently back into lasers!

    To be honest I would just go to eBay and pick up a "laser 301" off a Chinese vendor. They are usually at least 50mw plus IR and will do most of what you want to do. They run off a single 18650(usually). So you can get the laser a battery and a decent charger for under 50 bucks. You can...
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    Sanwu laser shop challenger series

    My apologies. I payed 187 all together. He did not specify the driver, but I would imagine some type of boost seeing as it runs off one 3.7v 14500. Which would explain it getting fairly warm around the minute mark. I could probably run it for longer than a minute but I really have no need to.
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    Where to buy custmomized laser warn stick?

    I have been thinking about getting some warning stickers myself. What have you found?
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    Sanwu laser shop challenger series

    Thanks GR3EN!
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    Sanwu laser shop challenger series

    Hello I've recently made a purchase through Podo for a sanwu challenger series 520nm. I haven't seen any reviews for any of their lasers so I told him I would throw one up when I had the time. Please bare with me as I am on my phone, my pc is having some issues so I would like to apologize in...
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    Burning a Brown Recluse Spider with Blue Laser

    Dude I am the same way with wasps and such. Sucks because I live in the sticks and there is all sorts around here. And really I have no idea why I have such an unreasonable fear. I have only been stung a couple times in my life, but I would much rather deal with snakes and spiders than flying...
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    Lumia rig buildout vids

    Waiting on link.. Looks amazing.
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    FS: Sanwu Laser store - RGB handheld lasers, 405nm,445nm,465nm,470nm,505nm,515nm,520nm,525nm,635nm,650nm

    Re: FS: Sanwu Laser shop - R/G/B handeheld Lasers ***Guardian Series update*** In case anyone is hesitant to order... Don't be. I got mine a few days ago and podo is really easy to work with, and communication is great. Excellent quality in these lasers.
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    SOLD !!, Scorcher Jr. 3w 445nm custom

    Re: FOR SALE, Scorcher Jr. 3w 445nm custom Uh.. Price please?
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    5 Laser hits on Aircraft in NYC , a Federal crime- 5 yrs in jail and $250,000 penalty

    I was actually outlining the knuckle dragging mouth breathers that were commenting on the article. And yes, I have read about Sen. Schumer from New York. More of this "blame the instrument not the user" nonsense.